Chapter 791 - Making a Big Scene (3)

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Chapter 791: Making a Big Scene (3)

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“I had said that Ji Fengyan was trouble and shouldn’t have been allowed to stay here. She completely disregards the Ji family and acts in a wanton manner. Now that she has committed such a huge crime and would end up dragging the Ji family into the mud with her. Elder brother, what do you think we should do?” Ji He was utterly terrified. He was not the least bit concerned for Ji Fengyan’s life.

Instead, he was scared about the fact that Ji Fengyan was a Terminator of the Ji family, but had murdered the Emperor’s most-beloved Eldest Princess. There was no way the Emperor would let this matter go.

“Every deed has its consequences. If only my father had listened to me, to chase Ji Fengyan out of the family and make Mubai the Terminator, all these troubles would not have happened.” Ji Qiu’s mind was in a mess. The current situation had already gone way past his calculations.


Just as Ji Qiu and Ji He were discussing how to handle the situation, a laughing sound wafted into their ears.

“Looks like eldest uncle and second uncle are in a serious discussion. What are you two talking about? Care to share with me?”

That voice startled both Ji Qiu and Ji. They instinctively turned around and looked toward the source of those words.

Only to see…

Ji Fengyan, the most-wanted criminal in the entire city, was standing large as life in the hall’s entrance.

Beside her was a skinny, small-sized little old man and a well-built, burly man.

Ji Qiu’s and Ji He’s minds nearly exploded on seeing Ji Fengyan.

“Ji Fengyan, you still dare to return?” Ji Qiu stood up abruptly and jabbed his finger at Ji Fengyan’s nose in a rage.

“Do you still have any regard left for the Ji family?! What are you doing here? You actually killed Eldest Princess. Will you only be satisfied after destroying the entire Ji family!”

Ji Fengyan grinned at the incensed Ji Qiu and said nonchalantly, “Eldest uncle is so concerned for the Ji family, but… let me remind you that you are no longer the head of the Ji family. Who are you to kick up such a fuss for the family?”

With that, Ji Fengyan slowly walked to a chair and sat down with a smug expression.

Ji Qiu’s eyes nearly popped out their sockets as he looked on at Ji Fengyan’s casual attitude.

Did this fellow know of her current predicament?

Everyone in the capital city was out looking to arrest her. And she still had the mood to come to the Ji residence to make a scene?

It was more than likely that the Emperor already had eyes on the Ji residence. There was no doubt that the pursuing troops would be arriving here soon now that Ji Fengyan had returned. By then, the Ji family would truly be doomed!

“Ji Fengyan, if you still harbor any gratitude towards the Ji family for taking care of you growing up, you should immediately seek forgiveness from His Majesty. If not, the entire Ji family will bear the burden of your own evil deeds!” Ji Qiu admonished.


Ji Fengyan just propped her chin up with one hand and smirked at the enraged Ji Qiu. She said slowly, “What if I wish to burden you on purpose?”

Ji Qiu and Ji He were stunned.

Ji Fengyan gave a faint smile. “The care that the Ji family gave me when growing up? What a pity that I didn’t feel the least bit of care. But I do remember clearly the ‘care’ which my two uncles have given me.”

Ji Qiu and Ji He both looked ill.

Ji Fengyan suddenly glanced towards the main entrance of the Ji residence. She had heard a flurry of footsteps.

Following that, she immediately stood up and pointed her evil-vanquishing sword straight at Ji Qiu’s chest!

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