Chapter 81 - Three Pointed, Double-Edged Sword

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Chapter 81: Three Pointed, Double-Edged Sword

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That night, Ji Fengyan called up all the guards on the residence for “cultivation” as per usual. Within a short while, a series of heavy and steady footsteps was heard.

The guards sitting in the yard secretly opened their eyes and they saw a tall and strong man walking hastily through the yard.

It was Yang Jian and Xiao Tianquan.

Everyone heard a little from Linghe previously, so they were all curious about this figurine that can move. But after seeing it, they were all very shocked. Besides the wood veins, Yang Jian looked completely no different from an ordinary person.

They did not know that their Miss actually had this type of amazingly fine workmanship!

Ji Fengyan looked up to see Yang Jian, who had returned from a rewarding trip. She stood up happily and left a sentence of “free time”. Then, she asked Yang Jian and Xiao Tianquan to enter the storage room that had previously been storing the natural stones.

The natural stones in the storage room were all opened by Ji Fengyan and it was empty inside.

Yang Jian removed the huge basket from his shoulders. With a loud clang, the basket landed on the ground and the dirt on the ground was all swept up.

The huge basket was filled with various kinds of rare ores. It was so full that it made people’s eyes dazzled.

Ji Fengyan filled some of her own blood into Yang Jian’s chest, along with the ability to differentiate the ore’s spiritual energy. Thus, Yang Jian’s choice of the ores were based on Ji Fengyan’s demands.

Ji Fengyan was satisfied as she scanned through. This basket of rare ore was so much more than the ones she had brought back from the store.

After choosing a few ores that she was going to cultivate with, Ji Fengyan lowered her hand to look at the pitiful-looking Xiao Tianquan, that is sitting at the side with its tongue stuck out. Looking at that pair of blue eyes, Ji Fengyan smiled and took out a dull red elixir and casually threw it. With a swift jump, Xiao Tianquan caught it immediately with its mouth!

After the small pill entered its stomach, Xiao Tianquan lay on the ground, feeling utterly satisfied and used its two front paws to rub its stomach.

Seeing Yang Jian with a serious look at the side, an idea flashed across Ji Fengyan’s mind. She took out some rare ores that she had absorbed all the spiritual energy from another storage room and went to look for Linghe, saying that she wanted to create a special weapon.

Linghe was already numb to his Miss’s eccentric ideas and called over one of the guards.

“This fellow’s family forges iron. Before entering the army, he had been accompanying his father in forging iron. Even though it can’t be compared to a real blacksmith, he is also not bad. If Miss has any request, just tell him,” Linghe opened his mouth to speak.

The guard that was led in front of Ji Fengyan was a skinny young man. Compared to most of the guards, his body was one size smaller. When he saw Ji Fengyan, he was very stern and stood seriously.

“Your subordinate Zuo Nuo is here to listen to Miss’s commands,” Zuo Nuo stood extremely straight.

“Since you are a part of us, then it is even more convenient, here,” as she said, Ji Fengyan took out the paper that she had conveniently drawn out and stuffed it into Zuo Nuo’s hands.

Zuo Huo took out that piece of paper and was stunned at that instant. That weapon was very long, and akin to a rider’s spear, but the tip was shaped like a three forked knife, and both sides of the sword had a long flat surface. It was a weapon that he had never seen before.

“Miss, this is?” Zuo Nuo was a little stunned in this short while.

“This is called the three pointed, double-edged sword. You just have to follow this picture to forge and use the best ore. If you need anything else, just choose from the storage room,” Ji Fengyan said generously.

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