Chapter 82 - Little Liu Huo (1)

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Chapter 82: Little Liu Huo (1)

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Zuo Nuo held the picture, feeling muddled, and went to the storage room to pick out the ores.

The next few days, Yang Jian brought Xiao Tianquan to mine ores every day as per usual, and returned only at night to bring them to Ji Fengyan. On the other hand, Zuo Nuo spent the entire day figuring out how to craft the three pointed, double-edged sword, and seemed to have made some progress as he had already started crafting.

Initially, the guards at the residence were all filled with curiosity about Yang Jian’s appearance, but they did not dare to show it in front of Ji Fengyan. As such, they could only secretly sneak to Yang Jian’s room and peek at him every night.

Even though the room was assigned by Ji Fengyan, Yang Jian did not need to sleep, nor did he have to eat. Every day after he returned, he only sat upright in his room, and his eyes did not even blink—even Xiao Tianquan who was laying flat on the ground was more lively than him.

After about five days, Zuo Nuo handed the three pointed, double-edged sword that he had crafted to Ji Fengyan. This man who was originally already skinny became even more listless after these few days of hard work. When the other guards looked at him with a curious gaze, Zuo Nuo only responded with a face that said ‘no choice’ and waved his air in the air.

He was only an amateur blacksmith, yet his Miss assigned him with such a complicated task right from the start, he… really felt bitter!

In contrast to Zuo Nuo’s depressed feelings, Ji Fengyan was very satisfied with the three pointed, double-edged sword. She specially took out the gold essence from the space-soul jade and used a brush to draw a few symbols on the handle of the three pointed, double-edged sword.

After drawing the symbols, the three pointed, double-edged sword that had originally looked ordinary and a little eccentric seemed like it was enshrouded by a layer of silver glow. Ji Fengyan contentedly carried the three pointed, double-edged sword to look for Yang Jian and did not notice the dumbstruck look on Zuo Nuo.

“Little Nuo Nuo, your iron forging skills seem to have improved. That thing looks really cool,” the guards teased.

But Zuo Nuo gave a perfectly guileless look. He could guarantee that when he handed the three pointed, double-edged sword to Ji Fengyan, it definitely did not look as cool as it is now!

God knows what weird methods Miss had used to change the appearance of that thing.

If Zuo Nuo knew that there was something called light blessing, he would not be so clueless.

Ji Fengyan carried the three pointed, double-edged sword past the yard, as Bai Ze followed with the clatter of his hooves beside. Then, a figure came into Ji Fengyan’s line of sight.

Under an old tree in the yard, it was uncertain when he had fallen asleep, but Liu Huo was sitting on the ground. He was wearing a simple grey outfit that was covered with some dirt. With his eyes closed, the shadow of his long eyelashes was reflected under his eye. The sunlight seeped through the gaps between the leaves and branches. When they landed on his delicate face, it appeared as though there was a layer of glow from the stars.

“This brat,” Ji Fengyan smiled uncontrollably as she looked at the sound asleep Liu Huo. After striking a pose at Bai Ze to signal it to keep quiet, she stealthily moved over and bent down. When she looked at Liu Huo, the smile in her eyes revealed her slyness.

Ji Fengyan picked up the leaves that had fallen at the side and lightly brushed it against the front of Liu Huo’s nose.

The sound asleep Liu Huo frowned and his nose moved slightly, but he did not wake up.

Ji Fengyan thought that it was fun and continued to play with him.

Suddenly, that pair of tightly shut eyes suddenly opened and Liu Huo’s red eyes, that had a strong aura of death, made eye contact with the amber-coloured eyes of Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback.

Liu Huo realised that the one in front of him was Ji Fengyan. He felt nervous and instinctively lifted his hands to cover his eyes.

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