Chapter 823

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Chapter 823: Yes, My Queen (3)

The anxious Blood Tribe members all heaved a big sigh of relief on hearing Meng Fusheng conceding defeat.

To be honest, this fellow could activate a giant soldier god at will. If their Boss had stubbornly insisted on fighting…

The Blood Tribe would probably cease to exist from this day onwards.

At Meng Fusheng’s words, the Blood Tribe members all obediently threw down their gear and stood passively on the spot. None of them dared to move an inch.

As they watched their opponents transform from ruthless combatants to trembling, fearful men—Linghe and the gang’s high battle energy also dissipated.

“Miss, your move was too awesome. Just too awesome.” Zuo Nuo wiped the sweat off his face. He had not been in such a great fight for a long time, and it truly felt good.

Linghe laughed, his heart no longer in turmoil.


They were already used to whatever their mistress did.

The Blood Tribe’s surrender was expected. Unless one had a death wish, who else would dare go against someone who could so easily summon a giant soldier god?

Even Ge Lang, a wolf king, could not withstand a single slap by that giant soldier god. How could a mere human bear that?

Ji Fengyan grinned at Meng Fusheng. She patted the hard neck of the giant soldier god.

“Put me down.”

The giant soldier god immediately got down on one knee. Even when bent over, its massive body was still as high as the city walls. The crowd got a fright as they watched that huge head lower down. They were afraid that giant soldier god might accidentally step on them.

The giant soldier god respectfully used its hand to move Ji Fengyan from its shoulder onto the ground. It continued kneeling behind her as it awaited her next command.

Behind that slender young girl was a fearsome killing machine. This scene had everyone break out in cold sweat.

As he watched Ji Fengyan walking over, Meng Fusheng immediately went forward and obediently knelt before her. His sweaty face was full of trepidation and fear.

“Ji… uh… my Queen, the Blood Tribe was ignorant. Please forgive our petty actions and let us keep our lives.” Meng Fusheng was truly frightened. Even after being engaged in war with Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian for so many years, he had never known such fear.

But now, this fear of Ji Fengyan had emerged from the deep recesses of his heart. In his nervousness, he instinctively copied the way the giant soldier god addressed Ji Fengyan.

The rest of the Blood Tribe immediately followed suit. They knelt on the ground, utterly terrified that Ji Fengyan might command the giant soldier god to trample them to bits…

“Have mercy on us, our queen!”

Their shouts nearly drove Ji Fengyan mad with glee.

She didn’t know why that giant soldier god addressed her so. But now that even those Blood Tribe men were calling her that, this feeling was amazing…

“This Fu Guang City is mine from now on.” Ji Fengyan chuckled as she gazed down at the kneeling Meng Fusheng.

Meng Fusheng hastily nodded. “It’s yours! It’s yours. The entire Blood Tribe will be under your command from now on.You have the giant soldier god; you are the boss; you have the final say. Please have mercy!”

Meng Fusheng was nearly prostrating himself before Ji Fengyan in desperation.

[Mini theatre]

Xiao Tianquan: Woof! (Let me down! I can still fight another 300 rounds!)

Bai Ze: (Idiot)

Wolf King: Whine…(I have something to say.)

Giant soldier god: ?

Wolf King: Whimper. (Father, I admit that I was wrong)

Xiao Tianquan: Woof (Ge Lang, don’t go. We can fight again!)

Wolf King glanced at the giant soldier god: Woof (I don’t dare to fight. I don’t dare to fight.)

Xiao Tianquan: Woof! (Don’t be a coward, let’s go!)

Bai Ze bit Xiao Tianquan’s ear.

Xiao Tianquan: Woof!!! (Pain!!!)

Bai Ze with the ear in its mouth: (Stupid beyond hope)

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