Chapter 824

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Chapter 824: Reorganization (1)

The Blood Tribe had suffered a total defeat by Ji Fengyan. Having witnessed the entire battle, the onlookers also dispersed with lingering fear in their hearts.

But everyone knew that control over Fu Guang City had now changed hands.

The formerly glorious Blood Tribe had been thoroughly beaten. This outcome was shocking, but also provided a secret thrill for those who had been bullied by the Blood Tribe.

On the other hand…

The masses still drew a blank on that “queen” who now stood at the top of the food chain in Fu Guang City. Apart from knowing that she had the power to activate a giant soldier god, as well as the battle prowess of her men, they were totally in the dark on just who this new leader was.

No one knew where she came from or what backstory she had. There was just one point which was deeply imprinted in the minds of everyone in Fu Guang City.

That was…

Never provoke this girl or you wouldn’t even know how you died.

She had taught Meng Fusheng and the Blood Tribe a fine lesson and were totally subservient now. They immediately invited Ji Fengyan into their headquarters and had their men bring out the three boxes of treasures stolen from Ji Fengyan. They placed the boxes, undisturbed, before her.

Ji Fengyan sat upon the high seat and gazed about the grand hall. She couldn’t resist feeling amused as she looked at the pale faces of the Blood Tribe members.

But since they were now so obedient, she would not be so unreasonable anymore.

“From now on, Fu Guang City is mine. What rules does the Blood Tribe have here?” Ji Fengyan looked towards Meng Fusheng.

Meng Fusheng hurriedly listed all the rules set down in Fu Guang City over the past years.

In reality, the Blood Tribe did not have many regulations set down in Fu Guang City. The things mentioned regarding trading were not much different from what Xu Lao had said earlier. It was all a monopoly.

After listening to it all, Ji Fengyan gave a little wave and had the Blood Tribe remove all the restrictions imposed on trading within Fu Guang City.

Meng Fusheng said with a pained expression, “These restrictions are not because we are being especially cruel. But because resources in the Free Valley are really too hard to come by.”

Resources within the Free Valley were limited, whereas a sizable human population lived here. Fu Guang City was already situated in an area where resources were scarce. To get more goods, they had to steal them from Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian. And in reality… the battle prowess of Fu Guang City was far below that of the other two powers.

As such, in order to avoid war, Meng Fusheng had been forced to send people out to scavenge for resources. They obtained some with money, while others were stolen.

“The Blood Tribe has been on a wanted list for many years. Although we have fled to the Free Valley, there are many bounty hunters lying in wait for us beyond this area. They are just waiting to capture us in return for the bounty reward. We are taking major risks every time we step out to gather resources.” Meng Fusheng hurriedly explained, as he was afraid that Ji Fengyan would mistake them for being overly greedy.

The price of items inside Fu Guang City was high, not because of the Blood Tribe’s oppressive reign, but because those things were brought back only by Blood Tribe members taking the dangerous risk of venturing outside. As such, the prices were naturally much higher. Although the city’s residents could also head out to hunt, the things they obtained to trade with the Blood Tribe were really not that much.

Ji Fengyan didn’t immediately believe Meng Fusheng’s words, but just looked towards Xu Lao, who had yet to recover from his shock.

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