Chapter 826

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Chapter 826: Reorganization (3)

Scrapping their high profits and not allowing them to rob or steal…

Meng Fusheng’s hair was turning gray with worry. How were they going to get the money to buy things outside of the valley?

Under duress, Meng Fusheng had no choice but to seek Ji Fengyan again to explain his dilemma.

“Hadn’t your Blood Tribe already earned a lot of money?” Ji Fengyan was sitting on a chair with Xiao Tuanzi in her arms. She couldn’t help raising an eyebrow as she looked at Meng Fusheng’s dejected face.

As far as she knew, the Blood Tribe had gotten quite a bit of financial gains during their reign of Fu Guang City.

Meng Fusheng’s face turned red and he replied sheepishly, “We reaped a lot before… but we spent it all on armour and medicines…”

Ji Fengyan pinched Xiao Tuanzi’s tail while deep in thought. She then called out to Yang Jian, who was standing by the side. “Go and get those stepping stones from outside.”

Yang Jian immediately went and carried in more than a dozen rocks the size of human heads and placed them before Ji Fengyan.

Meng Fusheng was perplexed, he didn’t know what Ji Fengyan planned to do. Nevertheless… as he watched, Ji Fengyan stood up and with one hand still carrying Xiao Tuanzi, she used her other hand to touch those dusty rocks.

In the blink of an eye…

Streaks of golden light enveloped those rocks, so dazzling that Meng Fusheng couldn’t keep his eyes open.

After the light faded, Meng Fusheng opened his eyes again. His jaw dropped with a thunk on the floor…


Those rocks before him had transformed into pieces of shining gold!

“Take them.” Ji Fengyan yawned as she sat back down in her chair.

She had never lacked for gold items. As such, in this gold-driven world, there was never a time when she was broke.

Meng Fusheng gaped in disbelief. He looked as Ji Fengyan waved at him casually, his eyes full of astonishment.

Taking no heed of Meng Fusheng’s shock, Ji Fengyan Yang Jian carried out those gold pieces.

Only after Meng Fusheng was pushed out of Ji Fengyan’s house and was standing there in a pile of gold pieces, did he finally regain his senses. His first action was to squat down and take up a piece of gold to give it a testing bite.

Looking at his own teeth marks on that gold piece, Meng Fusheng’s heart lurched with excitement.

It’s real!

These were really gold!

At this point, Meng Fusheng was entirely convinced by Ji Fengyan’s abilities.

Able to activate a giant soldier god and able to turn rocks into gold. Meng Fusheng suddenly realized that Ji Fengyan was not sent by the heavens to torment them, but to save them all!

Powerful and wealthy—to be under such a Boss, their future days… would be a prosperous and thriving dream.

Ji Fengyan’s reorganization of Fu Guang City had brought much happiness to numerous people, and had also improved the lives of many. But… not everything was perfect.

After all, most of the residents in Fu Guang City were not commoners, but a bunch of vicious criminals.

Before, the Blood Tribe’s rule had suppressed the nefarious intentions of quite a number of people. They had behaved themselves and dared not rebel. Now, although Ji Fengyan had displayed a great power, this spring-like wave of reforms had triggered some latent wickedness in several residents.

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