Chapter 828

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Chapter 828: Armed Suppression (2)

Ji Fengyan looked at the crowd of people in the square and finally spoke.

“If those who robbed the shops turn themselves in, I will deal with them lightly. If they remain unrepentant, they are responsible for the consequences.”

Ji Fengyan’s simple and crisp words crashed down, immediately setting the crowd abuzz. Everyone was wary of Ji Fengyan’s power, but right now, they felt that Ji Fengyan was just too young.

Would the people come forward just because she asked them to?

Wasn’t this a joke?

Everyone knew to wear a mask when committing a robbery, or they would be walking into a trap. Who could identify them from among so many?

In a moment, the crowd was abuzz. However, not a single person came forward to admit his guilt.

Meng Fusheng secretly wiped his face. He did not know whether to laugh or to cry at Ji Fengyan’s direct approach.

Unless these people were idiots, why would they give themselves up?


Ji Fengyan’s gaze swept across the crowd. When she saw that no one had come forward to admit their guilt, the corners of her mouth involuntarily curled in the trace of a cold smile.

Very well, these people wanted to treat her like a three-year-old baby?

Did they think she would be so easily bullied?

A cold gleam flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes. She suddenly took a long and slender whip from the Space Soul Jade and held it in her hand. The moment the long whip was in her hand, she raised it forcefully. With that motion, her whip flew swiftly through the crowd, and swept towards a middle-aged man with a disdainful look.

Before he knew what was going on, the long whip had encircled his neck. With a flick of Ji Fengyan’s wrist, the person’s entire body was dragged out from the crowd and to Ji Fengyan’s feet.

Everyone was stunned when Ji Fengyan suddenly dragged someone out . The middle-aged man who had been dragged before her looked panic-stricken.

“It… wasn’t me…”

Ji Fengyan didn’t even look at him. The hand that had pulled in the whip flew out again and dragged another person from the crowd.

Within a short span of time, Ji Fengyan had used her whip to drag more than ten people out from the crowd.

The people that Ji Fengyan had hauled out all look somewhat panicked. As they looked at the cold smile on Ji Fengyan’s face, a chill fell on their hearts. They all looked terrified and did not dare to move.

Ji Fengyan only stopped after she had successively hauled out eighteen people. She narrowed her eyes and looked at the eighteen people who had been hauled out. A cold smile lingered in the corner of her mouth.

As Ji Fengyan looked at them, the ten over people felt their scalp crawl. All of them broke out in cold sweat as they looked at Ji Fengyan in terror. They did not know what Ji Fengyan was up to.

Ji Fengyan did not speak in the next second, but simply drew her evil-vanquishing sword and brandished it!

A gleam of cold light instantly flashed past the eyes of the crowd.

The moment the cold light appeared, eighteen heads immediately flew. Gushes of hot blood sprayed out in front of Ji Fengyan.

The thick scent of blood immediately saturated the square.

Amidst the blood, Ji Fengyan’s smile deepened. Under the shocked look of the crowd, she sheathed her evil-vanquishing sword. She looked at the eighteen headless corpses that had collapsed to the ground, then raised her head. Her malicious gaze swept over the dumbfounded crowd.

“Listen up.” Ji Fengyan’s smile deepened. She narrowed her eyes smilingly and said,

“Fu Guang City is my territory. I will behead anyone who dares to commit robbery in my territory.”

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