Chapter 829

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Chapter 829: Armed Suppression (3)

No trial, no questioning, just direct killing. There was no room for discussion.

Ji Fengyan’s decisive killing had shocked everyone. All those who had been waiting to see how Ji Fengyan would deal with the matter were completely dumbstruck.

Ji Fengyan’s method of dealing with the matter had been very simple—kill.

Now, not only were the residents of Fu Guang City dumbstruck, even Meng Fusheng was shocked. He would never have thought that Ji Fengyan would kill so decisively.

“All of you, remember this.” Ji Fengyan sheathed the evil-vanquishing sword. She lifted her chin slightly as she stood amidst the pool of blood. “In Fu Guang City, there are no punishments, only the death penalty.”

Only the death penalty!

These four simple words instantly sent chills down everyone’s spines.

Once a crime had been committed, it would lead only to death, no matter whether it was a minor or a major crime!

What frightened them even more was Ji Fengyan’s indiscriminate slaughter.

She did not even bother to investigate. She simply killed.

The group of people who had thought that Ji Fengyan was young and muddle-headed were now thoroughly frightened. Besides themselves, even if others in the city wanted to do anything evil, they rush over and stop them at the first opportunity.

Who knew, perhaps they would be the next ones to be wrongfully killed.

Previously, many had felt that once Fu Guang City was transferred from the Blood Tribe to Ji Fengyan’s hands, they would have a better life. But now, it looked like… this seemingly weak young girl had turned out of be a fiend in human form!

Even the Blood Clan had never been so tyrannical as to kill people indiscriminately!

Everyone was so shocked by Ji Fengyan’s methods that they did not dare to speak.

In reality, they had guessed correctly. Not all the people killed by Ji Fengyan had been guilty of the robbery. Ji Fengyan had also been aware of this. Of the eighteen people, only three of them had actually committed the crime.


She had killed them anyway.

The reason was very simple. Ji Fengyan could overlook all the crimes that the people in Fu Guang City had committed previously, but there was one kind of criminal that she would not overlook.

The bastards who bullied women.

Ji Fengyan looked at the eighteen corpses that had collapsed to the ground. Her expression showed no trace of pity. Only she could see the slender wisps of aggrieved souls that coiled around the eighteen people slowly disperse as they died.

A trace of a smile appeared in Ji Fengyan’s eyes. She said nothing more, but simply turned and left.

The people left in the square were completely chilled. Those who had been fortunate enough to escape were so frightened, their teeth chattered. In their hearts, they secretly vowed not to make mischief ever again.

Ji Fengyan’s actions that day completely changed the turbid atmosphere in Fu Guang City.

From that day on, within Fu Guang City, those who were enemies did not dare to fight casually, not to speak of robbing. They all obediently went to the arena and settled their differences properly.

If anyone even thought of stealing, he was immediately knocked to the ground by the surrounding passerbys, and admonished kindly.

Brother, for the sake of all our lives, hurry and lay down your knife and turn to Buddhism!

An entire city of villains had been shocked by Ji Fengyan’s indiscriminate killing and transformed into honest citizens. Not only did they not dare to commit any crimes, they went about admonishing others to turn to doing good, in order to avoid being innocently dragged into a catastrophe.

[Mini theatre]

One fine day, on the main street of Fu Guang City.

A thief that had just entered the city slipped his hand into the robe of a burly man, but…

The burly man grabbed the thief’s hand and admonished him kindly, “Little Brother, why are you doing this? If you have any difficulties, you can tell me. Do you need money? Here, let Elder Brother give you some. In the future, don’t do such things anymore. If you need anything, just say the word.”

The thief stared at the pile of gold stuffed into his arms. “…”

Passerby A: “Little Brother are you hungry? I just bought some cakes. Here, have one, don’t go hungry.”

Passerby B: “Little Brother, your clothes are too shabby. I have a new set. Take them and be a good man.”

Passerby C: “Little Brother, are you new here? Do you have anywhere to stay? Do you want to stay at my house for a few days?”

Thief: “…” Are these people crazy? Mama! I’m scared!

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