Chapter 83 - Little Liu Huo (2)

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Chapter 83: Little Liu Huo (2)

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“You…” Ji Fengyan shot a puzzled look at Liu Huo. That pair of blood-red eyes was so eye-catching, and what surprised Ji Fengyan was the strong desire to kill in those eyes.

That desire to kill seemed like it could swallow a person’s soul in an instant.

“It’s none of your business.” Liu Huo’s voice suddenly became cold. He covered his eyes and reached out his hands to push away Ji Fengyan, as he stood up briskly.

But Ji Fengyan suddenly reached out and held onto his wrist.

“What are you doing?” Liu Huo said coldly.

“If you do not want to create any trouble, just pretend not to have seen anything.”

“Wait…” it was Ji Fengyan’s first time seeing such a cold Liu Huo. If not because his breath had not changed, she would think that he had also been taken over by another person in his body.

Where was the slow, adorable, and gorgeous young boy?

“That… do you have to be so nervous? It was just the colour of the eye, how great is that?” Ji Fengyan frowned slightly. The tone in Liu Huo’s voice made her feel that she could not let him just leave like this.

Liu Huo was dazed by Ji Fengyan’s words. He instinctively stopped on the spot, and after being silent for a while, he placed the hands that were covering his eyes down.

That pair of red eyes met with Ji Fengyan’s eyes once again, but there was no longer any desire to kill.

“Tell me, what do you see?” Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan hesitantly. It was uncertain what kind of answer he was expecting.

Ji Fengyan looked at Liu Huo’s eyes and her mouth curled into a smile.

“I saw the most beautiful pair of eyes in this world.”

“…” Liu Huo remained silent.

Why was this little girl never serious?

But despite thinking this way, a tinge of red creeped up Liu Huo’s cheeks.

“I just know that you don’t understand anything, I really… am worrying for nothing.” Liu Huo avoided her gaze and slowly closed his eyes. When he reopened his eyes, it had returned to its usual black colour.

“Forget what you have seen just now, or you will be in trouble.” Liu Huo’s tone was much kinder and it sounded as if he had no choice.

“So you were alone deep in the mountains because of this pair of eyes?” Ji Fengyan suddenly asked.

Liu Huo was slightly stunned and replied after hesitating, “It can be said so…”

Ji Fengyan smiled. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone about your eyes. I won’t let trouble find you. All right, look at this three pointed, double-edged sword, isn’t it cool? Since you don’t have any important matters anyway, you should also follow me to pass this thing to Yang Jian, in case you let your imagination run wild alone.”

As she said this, Ji Fengyan grabbed onto Liu Huo’s wrist with one hand and carried the three pointed, double-edged sword with another hand. Then, she walked happily with Bai Ze to Yang Jian’s room.

And Liu Huo was dumbly dragged along by Ji Fengyan. The warmth around his wrist made his gaze drift.

This… stupid woman.

What he was worried about was not himself meeting trouble.

But looking at the side view of Ji Fengyan’s smiling face, the words were stuck in his throat. He lowered his head slightly and sighed to himself.

Forget it, just let her be.

As they walked, Ji Fengyan’s steps suddenly slowed down. She did not turn back and only said slowly, “Little Liu Huo, remember that no matter what kind of trouble you meet in the future, so long as I am around, I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

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