Chapter 830

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Chapter 830: Giant Soldier God (1)

After Ji Fengyan’s display of power, the entire Fu Guang City became peaceful and amiable. Whereas brawny men used to stare daggers at each other along the streets, it was now full of friendly faces asking, “Hi, how are you”. They were all deeply fearful of accidentally triggering evil intentions in others.

Meng Fusheng watched with his very own eyes as a bunch of ruthless criminals treated each other with smiles and affability on the streets. He was totally turned around.

Even the promise of prosperity was not as effective as the threat of power. These brutal men were lifelong villains and only cared about preserving their own lives.

But Ji Fengyan had cut off their very lifeblood.

The entire city would be punished collectively whenever one of them committed an evil deed. It would be his own ultimate misfortune to whoever got caught.

To this end, the atmosphere in Fu Guang City became extremely bizarre. Everywhere in the city, ferocious burly men could be seen with stiff, but sincere smiles.

Meng Fusheng was truly convinced of Ji Fengyan’s methods. She had brought the entire Fu Guang City under her thumb so quickly. During their time, the Blood Tribe had to go through countless killing sprees in order to bring Fu Guang City to heel. But… their results were not as speedy and effective as Ji Fengyan’s.

After all…

There were those who were willing to stake their own lives and go all out. But there were even more who were not prepared to die… it would be a major grievance if they were innocently dragged in.

Those few merchants who were robbed had also been thoroughly shocked by Ji Fengyan’s harsh methods. Before they had time to regain their senses, Linghe had carried over a chestful of gold coins to compensate them for their losses.

If this was under any other circumstances, there would definitely be unscrupulous characters who would falsely claim to have suffered losses too.


After Ji Fengyan’s “in Fu Guang City, there was no punishment, only death sentences”, no one had the nerve to claim a penny more than they truly deserved.

They all obediently collected their compensation and went back to their own homes, still trembling from fear. And those robbers, who had been lucky enough to survive, had secretly returned the stuff they had stolen. They had almost been willing to offer additional compensation out of their own pockets.

Fu Guang City had instantly become an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Taking advantage of this time of peace, Ji Fengyan conducted a thorough study of the giant soldier god.

The source of the giant soldier god’s animation came from that crystal core within its body. That crystal core was extremely big—about half the size of a house. Embedded at the lower part of the giant soldier god’s chest area, there was a small device on the outside that could open up its chest to reveal the core.

That crystal core had been through years of wear-and-tear, and it had been many years since it was recharged. It looked old and worn. Although it still had the clarity of a crystal, it was yellowish and had lost much of its sheen.

But the surface of that long-depleted crystal core still harbored a certain glimmer.

Linghe was very curious as to how Ji Fengyan was able to activate the giant soldier god. He had followed her for so long, but had yet to fully see the extent of Ji Fengyan’s abilities. As he watched the chest of the giant soldier god being opened and that crystal core unveiled—Linghe’s eyes were filled with wonder.

“Miss, how did you manage to bring this fellow to life?”

Linghe had also heard stories of the giant soldier gods. He knew that to activate such a massive thing required the powers and life forces of at least ten master sorcerers.

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