Chapter 831

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Chapter 831: Giant Soldier God (2)

But Ji Fengyan had done it all on her own. And it looked as if there had been no negative side effects on her at all.

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows at Linghe. She didn’t immediately reply him but just patted the hard body of the giant soldier god. The giant soldier god used its massive hand to lift Ji Fengyan onto its opened chest.

Ji Fengyan looked very satisfied at the fresh energy held by the crystal core. Only then did she turn her head towards Linghe. “This crystal core is the source of the giant soldier god’s energy. It couldn’t move before as the core was completely drained. It’s a simple matter to make it move—just infuse energy into the core.”

Ji Fengyan’s casual manner of speaking had Linghe nearly puking blood.

Of course he knew this, but… when was his mistress capable of sorcery?

As if she understood Linghe’s doubts, Ji Fengyan smiled. “Who said we can use only sorcery? Any energy that is powerful enough can be used. As long as you can transfer it in.”

Linghe’s confusion seemed to have cleared up a bit, while Ji Fengyan rolled her eyes.

But she couldn’t blame Linghe’s ignorance. It was because of the way the professions in this world were structured.

A physical cultivator may have a strong body, but they did not understand how to unleash the power inside them. No point even asking them to transfer that energy into another body. In this world, only sorcerers have the power to transfer energy, causing the common misunderstanding that only sorcery could awaken a giant soldier god.


A giant soldier god was not that fussy.

“However, this fellow’s energy requirements are extremely high.” Ji Fengyan rubbed her chin and looked into the crystal core within the giant soldier god’s chest cavity.

The giant soldier god had moved little in the earlier battle and hence didn’t expend much energy. However, Ji Fengyan could still sense that a small part of the crystal core had already been drained.

Although re-energizing the giant soldier god was a small matter to Ji Fengyan, it would be too much to have her come over and recharge it every day.

After contemplating for half a day, Ji Fengyan finally had an idea. She immediately jumped off the giant soldier god’s palm and scurried back to her lodgings.

Linghe didn’t understand what Ji Fengyan intended to do, and could only continue standing watch over the giant soldier god. With its chest wide open like that, he and his men had no choice but to monitor it.


They didn’t think there would be anyone who would try anything funny with this giant soldier god.

The giant soldier god seemed to have no feelings at all towards these “insignificant” human beings. Apart from Ji Fengyan, no one else existed. When she was not around, it remained as immobile as a piece of rock. Only when Ji Fengyan appeared did its huge eyes shift a little.

Nearly half a day later, Ji Fengyan eagerly rushed back with a palm-sized jade piece. The jade looked extremely strange—it had a dense black-and-white mosaic pattern.

Ji Fengyan climbed back into the palm of the giant soldier god with that jade piece. She placed it directly into the crystal core.

The moment that jade piece made contact with the core, vibrations suddenly ran through the giant soldier god. Waves of cool air from all directions surged into the crystal core in its chest!

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