Chapter 833

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Chapter 833: Guest (1)

Even though Ji Fengyan had finally understood the source of the giant soldier god’s power, it still filled her with curiosity about this mysterious combat creature. Previously, she had asked Meng Fusheng about Fu Guang City and everything about Free Valley.

But Meng Fusheng could not tell her much.

Free Valley had existed for too long, and the mysterious tribes that had lived there were never known. The only thing that was known was that dilapidated city and deep asleep giant soldier god left behind in the Free Valley.

What kind of tribe could build such a powerful giant soldier god?

And how did they vanish suddenly, with no trace?

Ji Fengyan could not help but feel bewildered.

The giant soldier god stood quietly without moving under her watch, as if it was waiting for her next command.

“Why did you call me Queen?” Ji Fengyan looked at the giant soldier god and asked suddenly.

Upon hearing Ji Fengyan’s question, the giant soldier god’s gaze lowered slowly and a deep voice rang in Ji Fengyan’s ears.

“Because you are.”

“…” Ji Fengyan was slightly stunned. The giant soldier god had a certain level of thinking, but its ability was not comparable to that of humans. It could only convey its meaning in an inflexible and rigid manner without its own thoughts.

To put it simply, the giant soldier god was created to function as a war weapon. More often, it would obey rather than to think.

Ji Fengyan believed that she could not get any useful information from the giant soldier god, so she patted her sleeves and waved her hands at the giant soldier god. “If you are bored, you can walk around here. I shall leave first.”

After saying that, she left and did not notice that the giant soldier god’s gaze seemed to be thinking about something while it was looking at her back view.

Fu Guang City was stabilised, so Ji Fengyan could be at ease. The first supply team that Yang Jian had led returned to the city after a few days. The team that came back with many goods immediately distributed them to various stores and attracted a huge crowd to grab them.

However, Ji Fengyan discovered something extremely depressing.

The giant soldier god was missing…

The giant soldier god that had been standing motionless on the field for the past few days had suddenly disappeared without a trace in the night. Someone said that they saw the giant soldier god crossing the city walls at dusk and walked out of Fu Guang City.

Upon hearing this news, Ji Fengyan was downcast.

She only made a casual remark!

And that fellow really went out for a walk!

Must it be this well-behaved!

The giant soldier god was huge. Even though it was not fast, with its “long legs”, it could easily walk out of Fu Guang City in a few steps, and who knew how far it had travelled in half a day.

Thinking about the Taiji jade that she had placed on the giant soldier god, Ji Fengyan could feel her heart pain. Who knows how long it will take for the giant soldier god to return?

While Ji Fengyan still feeling crestfallen about the giant soldier god that had “left house”, a huge group of people had quietly reached the city gates of Fu Guang City.

A group of strong men clad in black clothes were riding black horses into the city, and among them was an elegant-looking horse carriage.

When the horse carriage stopped, the leading man clad in black adjusted his reins and turned to the side of the horse carriage. He said in a respectful tone, “Young Master, we have arrived outside the Fu Guang City.”

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