Chapter 834

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Chapter 834: Guest (2)

Inside Fu Guang City, Ji Fengyan was still feeling down about the disappearance of the giant soldier god that she had trained, when Meng Fusheng ran to her in a hurriedly.

“Queen, bad news.”

Ji Fengyan almost fell off her chair because of that smooth ‘Queen’ that he had addressed her as.

She also did not understand what they were thinking as a casual address by the giant soldier god had caused them to follow suit and addicted to calling her that. Even when she had subtly expressed her reluctance to accept such a title, there were minimal results.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Fengyan composed herself and looked at Meng Fusheng.

“The people from Zhai Xing Lou are here.” Meng Fusheng looked at Ji Fengyan with a guilty look.

“Zhai Xing Lou?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly. Zhai Xing Lou was one of the three greatest powers at the Free Valley. She could faintly remember that when she just arrived at Fu Guang City, Xu Lao had told her that there seemed to be a conflict between Zhai Xing Lou and the Blood Tribe.

Meng Fusheng observed Ji Fengyan’s reactions cautiously, then continued to speak, “Uh… previously we had fought for territory with Zhai Xing Lou, hence… the conflict.”

“Fight for territory?” Ji Fengyan was slightly puzzled.

Meng Fusheng felt even more nervous and lowered his head as he spoke softly, “The Free Valley is only this big and there are hardly any resources around Fu Guang City. There were however some good things deep in the valley, except that the place is dangerous, so we hardly go there. But life has been hard this few years with the ‘reputation’ that Free Valley had, there were hardly any merchants who would dare pass by this area, so… we have very few trades and earnings.”

Fu Guang City was originally a place lacking in resources, and its only income was from the hunting by the Blood Tribe. But with the merchants passing by becoming fewer, and they did not dare to wander off too far from the Free Valley, their lives had been miserable. With no other choice, they could only place their attention on the forest deep in Free Valley.

The Forest of Freedom was a dense forest deep in the Free Valley. It extended continuously and was rumoured to contain many rare medicinal herbs and plants. If one could dig some of them and bring them out of the Free Valley, they could exchange the plants for a decent sum of reward.

Except that although there were bountiful resources within the forest, it was also very dangerous. Without sufficient abilities, one could even not survive from it.

In the early years, when the Blood Tribe was still not in such a miserable state, they had not placed their attention on the forest. Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou would frequently leave and enter the Forest of Freedom because they had a higher level of abilities, so the Forest of Freedom could be said to be under the control of these two great powers.

However, now that the Blood Tribe suddenly wanted to take their share of the loot and wanted to occupy Zhai Xing Lou’s territory, Zhai Xing Lou was naturally unwilling to compromise.

Both parties had fought for very long and were highly confrontational. Before Ji Fengyan had arrived at Fu Guang City, the Blood Tribe had already prepared itself for a huge battle with Zhai Xing Lou, so that they could grasp the control over the Forest of Freedom.

“Actually, we cannot be blamed. Previously, when the three greatest powers had just entered the Free Valley, we had already agreed that the Forest of Freedom would be shared by all three parties. It was just that because we had not used it for such a long time, those two bastards actually wanted to take possession of Fu Guang City’s share. We are merely retrieving the rights that had originally belonged to the Fu Guang City.” Meng Fusheng’s voice became softer as he continued. His eyes glanced at Ji Fengyan’s face as he did so.

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