Chapter 835

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Chapter 835: Guest (3)

Meng Fusheng did not think that they had acted inappropriately regarding the Forest of Freedom, except that…

Ji Fengyan had just gained control over Fu Guang City, and the trouble caused by Blood Tribe had come back to haunt them again.

Meng Fusheng was afraid that Ji Fengyan would kill them out of displeasure.

“What does the Forest of Freedom have that you guys are fighting over for?” Ji Fengyan was filled with curiosity about the Forest of Freedom.

Seeing that Ji Fengyan was interested, Meng Fusheng quickly said, “I am not too sure, I just know that the people from Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian would always bring out some rare medicinal herbs and jade stones from the Forest of Freedom. Come to think about it, there should be plenty of precious items inside, otherwise they would not be so uptight over it.”

Rare jade stones?

When Ji Fengyan heard these words, her eyes immediately brightened up.

She only had one Taiji jade, but in the entire Fu Guang City, there were still many other asleep giant soldier gods. Ji Fengyan had learnt that to continue living freely in this world, she needed to be strong enough and these giant soldier gods were the subordinates she was looking for.

Ji Fengyan already had the intention to awaken all the giant soldier gods, but… if she had to do it one by one, even if she had plentiful vital energy, it would still not be sufficient. Whereas if she could make use of jade stones containing lots of spirituality to fabricate the Taiji jade, everything would be much simpler.

Ji Fengyan, who had originally not intended to join in the fight, became interested in the Forest of Freedom because of the rare jade stones.

There were few jade stones in this world, but most of them were of decent quality. If she could find supreme-grade jade stones to make Taiji jades, it would also entail building an army of giant soldier gods…

With such an attractive temptation, it was almost impossible for Ji Fengyan to give up on it!

Meng Fusheng watched Ji Fengyan’s reaction anxiously, as he could not tell her joy apart from anger. He spoke softly, “This is caused by the Blood Tribe. How about we try to chase away the people from Zhai Xing Lou? We can just tell them that we don’t want the Forest of Freedom anymore.”

Ji Fengyan placed her hand on Meng Fusheng’s shoulders, and he immediately felt cold sweat breaking out on his back. But Ji Fengyan only smiled at him and said, “Leader Meng.”

“I… I am here…” Meng Fusheng’s legs started to tremble uncontrollably.

“When did I say that I don’t want the Forest of Freedom?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly.

Meng Fusheng was stunned.

Ji Fengyan patted his shoulders and said calmly, “Compromising is not the solution, especially in Free Valley.”

Meng Fusheng was a little confused.

Ji Fengyan smiled and continued, “I must get the Forest of Freedom.”

She would risk her life if anyone dared to fight with her over the jade stones!

No one could stop her plan to build an army of giant soldier gods—her wonderful plan for cultivating in peace!

Seeing Ji Fengyan’s determined look, Meng Fusheng gave a huge sigh of relief as he secretly wiped away his sweat. Then, he responded, “I understand, I will tell the people from Zhai Xing Lou that.”

“Good, go now.” Ji Fengyan nodded in satisfaction.

Meng Fusheng immediately scurried away. With Ji Fengyan’s words, he could finally be at ease. He quickly gathered his men from the Blood Tribe and walked towards the people from Zhai Xing Lou who were standing outside the city gates.

Outside the city gates, a man riding a black horse narrowed his eyes to look at Meng Fusheng, who was moving quickly towards him, and his face showed no emotions.

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