Chapter 836

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Chapter 836: Young Master (1)

“What do you all mean by coming here today?” Meng Fusheng no longer held the cautious look he had when facing Ji Fengyan. He lifted his chin. That scar across his features made his formerly handsome face looked extremely sinister. With an arrogant smile, he gazed coldly at the bunch of men from Zhai Xing Lou, his expression imperious.

The leader of the men in black rode upon a stallion. He looked at Meng Fusheng with a frosty smile. “Boss Meng is so forgetful. Has he already forgotten that battle inside the Forest of Freedom a few months ago?”

Meng Fusheng narrowed his eyes.

Several months before, the Blood Tribe had tried entering the Forest of Freedom only to encounter some men from Zhai Xing Lou. Both sides had immediately engaged in battle. However, it was only a small group of Blood Tribe members as most of their best fighters had remained inside the city. As a result, they had been completely defeated by Zhai Xing Lou and had to surrender with their tails between their legs.

“Forgotten? I didn’t forget. Why? Have you Zhai Xing Lou folks become so arrogant that you have come right up to our doors looking for trouble? Just, I have been busy these few days—since you guys have come here today, I want you to relay a message to your lord.”

Meng Fusheng gave a faint sneer. “Tell your Lord Gong that the Forest of Freedom belongs to Fu Guang City. If he thinks otherwise, Fu Guang City will gladly fight him all the way.”

The leader in black couldn’t help smirking at Meng Fusheng’s words. A sinister glint lit up his eyes.

“Boss Meng has spoken so arrogantly. As if he really thinks that a bunch of ragtags like the Blood Tribe is enough to go against Zhai Xing Lou?”

The leader in black was really quite pompous and rude.

Fu Guang City was the weakest of the three powers in the Free Valley. Whenever issues arose, they usually dared not go against Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian.

However, such an outright jeer displayed a total lack of respect for Meng Fusheng.

Meng Fusheng’s face instantly darkened. Seeing his reaction, the Blood Tribe members immediately took action. Hundreds of them came forth and surrounded the few dozen Zhai Xing Lou men.

“Ragtags? I want to see if you all have the ability to successfully escape from this bunch of ‘ragtags’ today.”

The Blood Tribe members immediately drew their weapons and rallied at Meng Fusheng’s words.

However, the leader in black did not look the least big, frightened or uncomfortable. He just casually said, “Boss Meng has really become more daring.”

Meng Fusheng smirked.

The leader in black narrowed his eyes as he drew out a heavy sword. With one hand, he pointed his weapon at Meng Fusheng.

“Since Boss Lord has been so ‘hospitable’, we will also respond accordingly.”

“Try if you dare.” Meng Fusheng stood his ground.


Just as a fight was about to erupt between both sides, a gentle voice wafted over from the horse carriage behind those men in black.

“Wu Long, don’t be rude.”

The leader in black instantly wiped off the ferocity on his face and put down his sword. He replied respectfully, “I have been too impetuous, young master, please forgive me.”

Young master?

Meng Fusheng’s expression shifted.

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