Chapter 837

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Chapter 837: Young Master (2)

Meng Fusheng’s gaze instantly turned towards that horse carriage. At the same time, an elegant figure emerged slowly from the carriage.

A handsome- and gentle-looking man had stepped off. Even in this mild weather, he had on a thick fur coat over his white clothing. Jet black hair framed his handsome face, upon which a humble smile hung. His refinement was a direct contrast to the group of fierce and burly men.

The man slowly walked forward and gave a friendly smile at the grave-looking Meng Fusheng. He politely cupped his fists. “I am Gong Zhiyu, here to see Leader Meng.”

Meng Fusheng’s abruptly paled as Gong Zhiyu announced himself.

Gong Zhiyu was the second son of Gong Qiang, the lord of Zhai Xing Lou. As such, he was the second young master of that city. It was rumored that Gong Zhiyu had been frail and sickly since a young age. He had a tranquil face and differed completely from the other fierce-looking men in Free Valley. Gong Zhiyu was also modest and uncommonly handsome, but…

In the entire Free Valley, no one dared to disrespect this chronically ill youth.

“I never expected second young master Gong to come here today. It is really… my honor to have you here.” Meng Fusheng gave a stiff smile as he suppressed his anger. Even though they had already drawn arms against Zhai Xing Lou, he dared not act too impetuously before Gong Zhiyu.

“Leader Meng is too kind. My body is weak and it is not convenient for me to travel. Hence, I seldom get the chance to meet with the leaders of the valley. I had long heard of Leader Meng’s courage. It is my honor to meet you today.” Gong Zhiyu spoke respectfully. It was impossible to tell that he was in any way linked to the savage people of the Free Valley. From whichever angle you looked at, he was the epitome of a gentleman from the noble classes.

Cold sweat seeped out of Meng Fusheng’s forehead. He was not the slightest bit assured by Gong Zhiyu’s humility. In contrast, it made him go on the high alert.

Gong Zhiyu couldn’t help chuckling as he noticed Meng Fusheng’s nervousness. “The previous incident with Leader Meng in the Forest of Freedom was a misunderstanding with my father. As such, my father wishes to seek Leader Meng for a discussion of that matter.”

Meng Fusheng gave a dry laugh as he quietly cursed in his heart.

This Gong Zhiyu had not been in Free Valley for so many years. Why had he suddenly come back!

Gong Zhiyu continued. “The Forest of Freedom belongs to the Free Valley, and we… whether it is Leader Meng’s Fu Guang City or our Zhai Xing Lou—we are just temporary refugees in this valley. We are all beneficiaries of the resources left behind by that ancient tribe. The Forest of Freedom is also something that the tribe left behind. Leader Meng has never entered that forest before and doesn’t know the situation inside. Not that Zhai Xing Lou doesn’t want Leader Meng to enter the forest, but… we don’t wish for you to enter it without making the necessary preparations. Otherwise, if you cause damage to the forest, it would be disrespectful to the ancient tribe. As such… if Leader Meng wishes to enter the Forest of Freedom, I hope that you can lay down the proper groundwork before doing so.”

Gong Zhiyu’s voice was soft and gentle, and he spoke deliberately and clearly. His words had a certain seductive quality, subtly urging his listeners to subconsciously agree with him.

In fact, the brutal-looking Blood Tribe members all felt that Gong Zhiyu’s words were very reasonable.

“Boss, Zhai Xing Lou seems willing to give us the Forest of Freedom. Should we make the necessary preparations first?” One of the Blood Tribe men agreed with Gong Zhiyu’s logic and couldn’t resist advising Meng Fusheng.

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