Chapter 838

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Chapter 838: Young Master (3)


Only after finishing his words did that person notice that Meng Fusheng was drenched in sweat and had narrowed his eyes dangerously at the smiling Gong Zhiyu.

“Idiot.” Meng Fusheng gritted his teeth as he glared at that presumptuous member. After taking a deep breath, he suppressed that strange feeling arising in his chest and lifted his head to look at Gong Zhiyu.

“If the second young master Gong intended to hold a peaceful discussion, why the need to use the art of verbal seduction.”

Meng Fusheng’s words startled the entire Blood Tribe.

The art of verbal seduction was a very mysterious ability. It was a natural-born ability, and there was no way to nurture such a skill. People who were naturally gifted in the art of verbal seduction could make anyone agree with just about anything they said. Their powers of persuasion were such that even their enemies would change their minds and agree with them, regardless of whatever nonsense they spouted.

The scariest thing about this ability was that the person being persuaded would never realize he had changed his mind due to the art of verbal seduction.

Gong Zhiyu didn’t look the slightest bit sheepish, even after having his art of verbal seduction exposed by Meng Fusheng. He just gave a light smile. “It is my mistake. The art of verbal seduction is a natural part of me, and I am sometimes unable to control it. I hope Leader Meng doesn’t take it to heart.”

Calm and tranquil, Gong Zhiyu’s manner was natural and had everyone involuntarily thinking that this was all just a misunderstanding.


Meng Fusheng did not believe in Gong Zhiyu’s excuse at all.

“This may be the first time I have met second young master Gong, but I have heard of your reputation. Your words alone have brought countless powerful adversaries to their knees. You better keep a tighter control over your ability. I really don’t wish to join those men.” Meng Fusheng smiled insincerely.

Gong Zhiyu would not appear to be a threat to anyone. His appearance, demeanor and sickly aura had everyone subconsciously overlooking his dangerous character.

Little did they know…

This type of enemy was the scariest.

In the entire Zhai Xing Lou, the most-feared person was not the city lord Gong Qiang, but this beautiful, ailing man right before them.

Gong Zhiyu gave a faint smile as he gazed into Meng Fusheng’s vigilant eyes. He didn’t make any other response.

“On Leader Meng’s advice, I will be more careful in the future.”

Meng Fusheng quietly drew a breath and relaxed his balled-up fists just a little. If one inspected him, they could see that his palms were already a bloody mess caused by his own fingers digging in. Only with intense pain could he ensure that he remained clear headed in the face of the art of verbal seduction.

“Nevertheless, regarding the Forest of Freedom, I do hope Leader Meng will consider it carefully. Father’s methods may have been too dogmatic, but it had been done for the good of your people. I am afraid there would be much death and injury if you all had just suddenly entered the Forest of Freedom. I am sure Leader Meng would not wish for something like that to happen?” Gong Zhiyu smiled.

But Meng Fusheng was cursing under his own breath.

For their own good? As if he didn’t know just what Zhai Xing Lou was thinking.

“Lord Gong need not worry about the matters of the Blood Tribe. We are definitely going to the Forest of Freedom. If Lord Gong really wants the best for us, then he will not stand in our way. That alone is enough.”

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