Chapter 839

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Chapter 839: Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Place (1)

Meng Fusheng refused to budge on the matter of the Forest of Freedom.

Gong Zhiyu didn’t show any signs of displeasure, but his subordinate frowned and instinctively stepped forward. “Young master, Meng Fusheng and gang are too obstinate, should we strike?”

Gong Zhiyu raised his hand slightly to wave off his suggestion.

“We are all part of the Free Valley, just from different areas. No need to use violence. I think Leader Meng is not an unreasonable person.”

“Second young master Gong, you had said earlier that the Forest of Freedom was left behind by the ancient tribe. Since we are all in the Free Valley, the forest is naturally open to all. Fu Guang City has never touched the resources within the Forest of Freedom before, until now. Why is Zhai Xing Lou being so pushy about this? There are some things I have to say here today. We are definitely entering the Forest of Freedom. Anyone who tries to stop us will not withstand our wrath,” Meng Fusheng said resolutely.

Meng Fusheng’s determined attitude astounded Gong Zhiyu.

In his memory, Meng Fusheng might be arrogant, but he was still a smart man. He clearly knew they were no match for Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian, which was why he had always avoided direct conflict with those two powers.

But Meng Fusheng seemed intent to go head-to-head against them regarding this matter with the Forest of Freedom.

After the previous incident, quite a number of Blood Tribe member had died at the hands of Zhai Xing Lou. Even then, Meng Fusheng had not immediately sought revenge but had secretly gathered resources, in a cowardly sort of way.

But today, Meng Fusheng seemed to have turned into another person. Unyielding and obviously intending to challenge Zhai Xing Lou straight on!

Gong Zhiyu appeared to be deep in thought. He surveyed Meng Fusheng’s scarred body and chuckled. “Leader Meng’s determination is creating a dilemma for me. After all, if the Blood Tribe enters the Forest of Freedom now, you would inevitably cause some damage. Zhai Xing Lou has always held the ancient tribe in high regard and are deeply grateful to them. It is therefore our duty to protect their legacy.”

With that, Gong Zhiyu gave a helpless sigh and looked Meng Fusheng with worried eyes. “If Leader Meng insists, Zhai Xing Lou has no choice but to stop you so as to preserve that forest.”

Gong Zhiyu’s fluid words appeared full of resignation and good intentions—as if it was the Blood Tribe who was causing them a grievance.

Meng Fusheng was nearly puking blood at Gong Zhiyu’s flawless speech.

Even without using the art of verbal seduction, this second young master Gong was truly a master orator!

If it had been any other day, Meng Fusheng might have taken a step back for fear of Gong Zhiyu. But Ji Fengyan had already given her orders, and he had no choice but to stay firm.

“I am sorry. I am just following orders from above and cannot agree otherwise.”

“Following orders from above?” Gong Zhiyu raised his brows and smiled. “Leader Meng sure likes to joke around. In Fu Guang City, who else dares to order you around?”

Meng Fusheng wanted to speak up, but a clear and girlish voice suddenly rang out from within the city gates.

“Meng Fusheng is following my orders. Why? Does Zhai Xing Lou object to that?”

That voice stunned gong Zhiyu. He somehow felt it sounded vaguely familiar.

Following that announcement, a slender figure slowly walked out of Fu Guang City.

[Mini theatre]

Second young master Gong: Leader Meng doesn’t mind being subservient? He doesn’t wish to snatch back Fu Guang City?

Meng Fusheng: I can’t, I can’t…

Little crazy brat: What are you two talking about?

Meng Fusheng: Nothing, nothing!

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