Chapter 84 - Taking Appropriate Measures Against the Situation (1)

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Chapter 84: Taking Appropriate Measures Against the Situation (1)

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Ji Fengyan had the firmest resolute—she owed this fellow that she had almost killed a life and she would protect him for as long as she could in this lifetime!

Liu Huo looked dazedly at Ji Fengyan’s back view, with his slightly enlarged pupils filled with mixed feelings. At that moment, the warmth from his wrist made his entire body burn.

“Of course, when you have recovered, I will teach you a set of powerful cultivation skills. I guarantee that in the future when anyone intends to bully you, you can defeat them on your own,” Ji Fengyan said with a smile. Whether it was because she owed him or other reasons, she just saw eye to eye with this fellow. Even if the Heavenly Emperor was here, she also did not intend to back out from protecting him.

Ji Fengyan was born with a casual attitude, but when she was stubborn, there was no way to restrain her.

As a result, she received many beatings from her Master.

Liu Huo did not anything else and silently followed behind her. His drooping eyelids hid the change in his expression.

When Ji Fengyan found Yang Jian, she immediately handed over the three pointed, double-edged sword to him. The obedient Yang Jian, who always dutifully followed Ji Fengyan’s commands, naturally wield the sword in his hands without saying anything else and changed into the golden armour that Ji Fengyan had crafted for him.

After changing, while holding the three pointed, double-edged sword, Yang Jian really looked alike to the legendary Erlangshen, except that his gaze still looked empty and lacked a tinge of dominance and sharpness.

Right from the start when little Bai Ze entered the room, it kept trembling and hid at Ji Fengyan’s legs, as its teary, large eyes looked at Xiao Tianquan, who was drooling with desire, in fear.

Even an ordinary creature had a sharp instinct, what more Bai Ze, who had gradually improved in spiritual intelligence after consuming all the elixirs from Ji Fengyan. When faced with Xiao Tianquan’s gaze, it was naturally frightened and lost its soul.

Maybe because Ji Fengyan had noticed Bai Ze’s trembles, she looked towards Xiao Tianquan. Xiao Tianquan turned his gaze away at a fast pace and pretended to use its paws to scratch its tail casually.

Obviously, just based on the current situation, little Bai Ze was still not as intelligent as Xiao Tianquan.

Just when Ji Fengyan was still thinking whether to increase the dosage of little Bai Ze’s medication, she heard a series of hurried footsteps from outside.

Zuo Nuo, with an entire face covered with cold sweat, rushed to the door and said breathlessly, “Miss, it’s no good! Lei Xu that bastard had brought his soldiers to surround our residence!”

“Surround us with soldiers?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly.

She had originally thought that Lei Xu would be well-behaved for a period after losing out. Who knew that he would stir up trouble again after merely a few days!

“Yes, there’s so many soldiers, at least a few hundred. Chief has asked me to come inform you to see how you want to deal with this,” Zuo Nuo said anxiously.

“How to deal with it?” Ji Fengyan smiled. “What are you afraid of? We just have to take the appropriate measures! Let’s go and meet him together! I shall see what other scheme he has plotted.”

As she said, Ji Fengyan strode with big steps out of the door.

Liu Huo and even Yang Jian and Xiao Tianquan naturally followed. Only when Bai Ze intended to follow, Ji Fengyan tapped its small nose and said, “You’re still young, you cannot be involved temporarily, so you should grow faster.”

Little Bai Ze stood in the room, dazed, as it only understood the gist of Ji Fengyan’s words. But a fuzzy thought flashed across its mind.

Really wish…

To grow faster.

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