Chapter 840

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Chapter 840: Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Place (2)

As that figure walked into Gong Zhiyu’s line of sight, a shock wave broke his calm demeanor.

As Ji Fengyan stood before Gong Zhiyu, she raised her eyebrows at the bunch of Zhai Xing Lou folks who stirred trouble. Her amused countenance faded as her gaze landed on Gong Zhiyu.

Linghe, who had followed her out, was also dumbstruck by the sight of Gong Zhiyu.

Wasn’t this the noble gentleman who had once brought a team of merchants into Ji City? Why was he now at a place such as Free Valley?

Gong Zhiyu looked in wonder at Ji Fengyan, but he quickly erased the surprise on his face.

“Who is this?” Gong Zhiyu lowered his eyes and asked Ji Fengyan respectfully. His gentle and humble manner made it seem as if he had never met this young lady before.

Ji Fengyan noted Gong Zhiyu’s reaction but didn’t show the slightest bit of astonishment. She curved her glistening red lips and signaled at Meng Fusheng. “Tell him who am I.”

Meng Fusheng didn’t hesitate. “This is the queen of Fu Guang City, and also the one and only ruler of Fu Guang City. Here, her words hold the highest authority.”

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows at the Zhai Xing Lou men. “Did you all hear that clearly?”

Those men in black were shocked. The Blood Tribe had been in control of Fu Guang City for so long. Even just last month, Meng Fusheng’s Blood Tribe was still in command of the entire city. How did… Fu Guang City suddenly changed its ruler?

But looking at Meng Fusheng’s respectful behavior, he was obviously extremely fearful of this young lady.

This was something that the Zhai Xing Lou men couldn’t understand. They couldn’t help looking at Ji Fengyan after hearing Meng Fusheng’s pronouncement. But they were unable to reconcile the image of this delicate little girl with the ruler of Fu Guang City.

The leader of the men in black didn’t make any moves but just looked inquiringly at Gong Zhiyu. He seemed to be awaiting for instructions.

Gong Zhiyu’s gaze remained fixed upon Ji Fengyan. Doubts and questions swirled in his mind, but all these were artfully concealed and no one detected his uncertainty.

“Queen of Fu Guang City? I have been very disrespectful, not to realize that Fu Guang City had changed its rule.”

Meng Fusheng stared sternly at Gong Zhiyu from the side. Before Gong Zhiyu had opened his mouth, he had already whispered in Ji Fengyan’s ear. “This person is the young master of Zhai Xing Lou. Gong Qiang’s second son. My queen, don’t be fooled by this fellow’s frivolous appearance, he is actually the most dangerous person in the Free Valley. Be careful when dealing with him.”

Zhai Xing Lou’s young master?

Ji Fengyan looked rather astounded.

When Gong Zhiyu first brought his team to Ji city, they had been very amenable but remained a complete mystery as to their identities and origins. Ji Fengyan had thought Gong Zhiyu was some young master from some noble family. She never expected…

He was actually from Free Valley!

And he was the young master of one of the major powers, Zhai Xing Lou!

At this moment, Ji Fengyan couldn’t help feeling amazed by Gong Zhiyu’s identity. Even Linghe had widened his eyes in astonishment.

If he had not personally witnessed it, Linghe would never have believed that Gong Zhiyu was someone from Free Valley.

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