Chapter 841

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Chapter 841: Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Place (3)

Linghe wanted to say something to Ji Fengyan, but he suppressed his doubts after looking at her expression.

“I wonder why has second young master Gong come to Fu Guang City today.” Ji Fengyan grinned at Gong Zhiyu.

Gong Zhiyu was smiling bitterly inside while still maintaining his frivolous rich boy facade. He replied respectfully. “I am here because of the Forest of Freedom. After neglecting the forest for so many years, Fu Guang City is now suddenly meddling in its affairs. This is not appropriate both for the Forest of Freedom and the entire Free Valley.”

“Not appropriate?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows as her smile deepened. She cast a sweeping glance across the Zhai Xing Lou men and continued. “The Free Valley belongs not only to your Zhai Xing Lou. If you want total control over the Forest of Freedom, you can…”

Gong Zhiyu was just about to heave a sigh, a relief at Ji Fengyan’s words, when her following statement stunned him.

“…have it when your Zhai Xing Lou has unified the entire Free Valley. Until then, Zhai Xing Lou has no right to talk terms with Fu Guang City.” Ji Fengyan continued grinning at the slightly startled Gong Zhiyu. She tilted her head a little. “Discussions should be conducted soldier to soldier, general to general. Second young master, Gong. It is not your place to discuss the Forest of Freedom with me. If Gong Qiang has any objections, have him come look for me himself.”

Ji Fengyan’s swift and decisive words had made clear her firm position. As smart as Gong Zhiyu was, he was shocked into a helpless daze by her pronouncement.

Ji Fengyan was obviously going head-on with Zhai Xing Lou.

Gong Zhiyu frowned as troubles clouded his eyes. Meanwhile, his men in black were driven mad by Ji Fengyan’s arrogant words. They were already drawing their weapons and adopting combative stances.


Gong Zhiyu raised his hand to stop them.

“Young master?” The leader in black looked doubtfully at Gong Zhiyu.

Gong Zhiyu shook his head slightly and said in a low voice, “Now that Fu Guang City has changed rulers, we will halt our earlier plans. We need to consult with father regarding our next move.”

The leader in black gnashed his teeth in anger and reluctantly took a step back.

Gong Zhiyu turned around and cupped his fists at Ji Fengyan. “You have made yourself very clear. I will consult with my father regarding this matter. I shall not bother you anymore today.”

With that, Gong Zhiyu turned and boarded his horse carriage. The bunch of seething men in black had no choice but to escort Gong Zhiyu’s departure.

Looking on as the Zhai Xing Lou men left, the Blood Tribe members couldn’t help breathing a secret sigh of relief.

Even Meng Fusheng finally relaxed.

Ji Fengyan watched as Gong Zhiyu’s horse carriage gradually retreated. She noticed the reactions of Meng Fusheng and his men, and couldn’t help feeling curious.

“Why are you all so scared of Zhai Xing Lou?”

Meng Fusheng felt rather sheepish at Ji Fengyan’s question. Nevertheless, he still replied, “It’s not that we fear Zhai Xing Lou, but that Zhai Xing Lou is really… quite difficult to deal with.”

“Oh? How so?” Ji Fengyan’s interest in Zhai Xing Lou was suddenly piqued.

Meng Fusheng gazed about before continuing. “Zhai Xing Lou’s city lord Gong Qiang was once a famous gold cultivator.”

“Gold cultivator?” Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows.

Meng Fusheng went on. “And his gold cultivation skills differ from others. He used human lives as the material for his cultivation.”

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