Chapter 85 - Taking Appropriate Measures Against the Situation (2)

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Chapter 85: Taking Appropriate Measures Against the Situation (2)

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Out the residence, swords and bows were drawn out.

Leading a few hundred soldiers from Ji City, Lei Xu surrounded the residence that Ji Fengyan was staying in completely, without leaving any chance to escape. Lei Xu had worn his usual clothes that day, with a dull gold armour on the outside and rode on a horse.

On his side, the family heads of Ji City’s various prestigious families were lined up neatly. Besides the soldiers brought over by Lei Xu, these family heads also brought many of their guards. The soldiers that were waiting outside completely blocked the narrow entranceway. All of them carried sharp swords and some were even holding onto longbows, with their arrow already loaded on the bow.

The common people in Ji City were all frightened by the scale when they saw this while passing by. Many of them were shocked and curious, but they only dared to hide at the side as they peeked at the battle that was about to break out.

Outside the widely opened doors of that old and tattered residence, with Linghe in the lead, there were already a few soldiers awaiting solemnly.

They had already changed into the armour that they had used in their previous battles. Those armour were not as exquisite as Lei Xu’s dull gold armour. There were different kinds of damage marks and scratches on each of their armours.

Those were the glorious records of their battle against the Demon Clan. After retiring from the battlefield, they had thought that they would never have the chance to wear this armour that they had used to defend the kingdom, unbeknownst to them…

Alas, they would wear the armour once again that day, but they were not fighting against the horsemen of Demon Clan. Rather, they were battling against the sharp swords of Ji City’s soldiers.

“Lei Xu, what are you doing?” Linghe looked at Lei Xu, who was sitting on a tall horse with his sharp eyes. This time, he had already left out Lei Xu’s honorific title.

Lei Xu sat with a proper posture on the horse and with his chin lifted arrogantly high up, he looked at Linghe with a demeaning and cold gaze filled with hatred.

Lei Xu did not forget that it was Linghe who had brought his men to beat Lei Min to a pulp outside the mineral cave that day.

“What are you even? Who are you to question our City Lord? If you are tactful, then get lost and hand over Ji Fengyan to us,” a tall man standing beside Lei Xu stepped forward to scold. Behind him, he carried a huge sword, just like Linghe, and he had an even more imposing aura than the other soldiers.

“What are you also! Do you think that our Miss is someone that you can meet on a whim?” Linghe rebutted without backing.

“I am Master Lei’s best swordsman, Zhou Qi!” the man carrying the sword opened his mouth to speak haughtily.

In this world, besides the terminator, there were also other important roles—rider, sorcerer, priest, bowman, pharmacist, blacksmith, gold cultivator and… swordsman.

Among them, the role of swordsman is the most identifiable. Every swordsman’s weapon was a huge sword, and its weight was very heavy. There were rarely anyone who can use it, which is why the requirements for the build of a swordsman are the most demanding. At the same time, it was the role with the highest battling ability.

“Zhou Qi? I have never heard of it,” Linghe said with a cold laugh.

Zhou Qi’s expression changed slightly. He had quite a known reputation in Ji City and had a deserving title as the best swordsman. However, this desolate swordsman before him had actually looked down upon his title.

“Didn’t hear of it before? Fine, after I kill you, I will let someone carve the name of your killer on your grave!” Zhou Qi laughed coldly and immediately prepared to step forward with his sword drawn.

Lei Xu sat silently on his horse and had no intention to stop them.

He did not care. Before capturing Ji Fengyan, he did not mind starting off with this fellow named Linghe!

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