Chapter 86 - Taking Appropriate Measures Against the Situation (3)

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Chapter 86: Taking Appropriate Measures Against the Situation (3)

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The guards around Linghe all stood solemnly. When Zhou Qi took big strides forward with the sword in his hands dragging along the ground, there was an ear piercing sound produced and a deep mark left on the ground.

“Chief, that fellow’s sword has some background,” a guard standing beside Linghe whispered.

Linghe slightly nodded and held onto the handle of his sword with a solemn expression.

Being a swordsman also, they were all clear about the importance of a sword to a swordsman. The sword in Linghe’s hands were crafted from dark iron. It was extremely hard and a considerably good material. But before entering the city, his sword was already cracked from protecting Ji Fengyan in a battle previously.

The sword in Zhou Qi’s hands was especially sharp. Even in the situation that Linghe’s sword was undamaged, it still cannot be compared to Zhou Qi’s sword.

As Ji City produces many ores, being Lei Xu’s subordinate, Zhou Qi naturally could craft his sword from the rare ores, making it many times better than Linghe’s sword.

Before this battle had even started, Linghe was already at a disadvantage.


Linghe stepped forward and held his sword with both hands before him. At this moment, he had a more imposing aura.

He would not give in at all!

Zhou Qi took a glance at the sword in Linghe’s hands, and suddenly laughed out coldly, “I thought what kind of powerful character you were but it’s so disappointing. You are intending to fight with me with just a damaged sword? You are practically seeking your own death. The sword in my hand is crafted using cold iron. That dark iron sword of yours is completely no match; moreover, it has already cracked. I believe that after blocking two of my moves, it would break. It’s really… so boring… Killing such a useless swordsman like you really does not excite me.”

Linghe’s expression remained the same, but the companions behind him were already livid!

They were all warriors who had defended the nation. Just because General Ji that they were serving had died battling and left his daughter in their hands, they then decided to retire from the battlefield. The weapons in their hands had killed uncountable Demon Clan soldiers and protected this nation from countless dangers.


This weapon that had accumulated all these military merit were viewed as trash by Zhou Qi.

This was an insult that no warrior could accept!

“Why do you speak so much? If you will fight, let’s just fight! Even without the sword, I can also defeat you useless scum!” Linghe shouted in a deep voice.

Zhou Qi scoffed, “You’re overestimating yourself and really not convinced unless you are hit hard by reality! Alright, my sword has not been in contact with blood before. Today your blood shall be feeding it.” Zhou Qi’s eyes flashed with apathy and his huge body suddenly charged at Linghe!

Linghe took a deep breath and directed all his focus to prepare for battle!

The two swords intertwined with each other in the air and produced a clang sound. After a short moment of contact, there was already dirt gathered from the ground!

The crack on Linghe’s sword widened after a strike and had even produced a breaking sound.

Zhou Qi’s eyes flashed with an evil grin. “Your sword is not going to hold for any longer.”

“You’re too long-winded!” Linghe roared.

The guards at the side all broke out in a cold sweat. It was very obvious that Linghe’s sword was going to stop functioning soon, just another hit and it would be broken!

Zhou Qi completely did not intend to let Linghe off. When he raised his sword and charged forward, Linghe raised his sword to block without hesitating. In this moment of life or death, a black figure suddenly appeared between the two of them and forcibly blocked the hit from Zhou Qi!

An almost laughing voice was then heard, “Is my man someone you can harm?”

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