Chapter 87 - A Mad Man’s Accusations (1)

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Chapter 87: A Mad Man’s Accusations (1)

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The voice that suddenly rang made everyone stunned and they all looked up to see Ji Fengyan, who had unknowingly stood at the doorstep for some time.

Zhou Qi initially thought that he could defeat Linghe in one strike, but it was as if his sword was cutting through a piece of extremely tough and huge rock. He looked up towards the intruder who had interrupted him but it shocked him.

Blocking before Linghe and stopping Zhou Qi’s sword was a tall, strong, and handsome man. That man was wearing an unusual yet domineering armour and had used a strange weapon that was never seen before to block the sword. What made Zhou Qi even more dumbstruck was the additional eye that was positioned vertically on that man’s forehead. On that good-looking face, there were no emotions at all and that pair of cold eyes made Zhou Qi even more frightened.

He instinctively took a step back and looked at that three-eyed man with a lingering fear. But when he looked again, Zhou Qi was a little dazed as that man’s skin actually was covered with strange wood veins. If this person had not blocked his attack, he would have that it was a wooden figurine standing in front of himself.

“Miss?” Linghe looked at Ji Fengyan in shock.

Ji Fengyan’s smiling eyes landed on Linghe and she said, “Brother Ling, why do you have to be involved with these scumbags? Yang Jian’s three pointed, double-edged sword has just been completed. Didn’t this scumbag say that he wanted to use your blood to feed his sword? Just nice, this three pointed, double-edged sword has not been used before, today… I can properly use it to cause some bloodshed.”

As she said, Ji Fengyan’s eyes turned to look at Zhou Qi, who was still in a daze.

Yang Jian was already standing at the side. He was as tall as a God and seemed as though he could hold against ten thousand enemies by himself.

“Ji Fengyan, you are too arrogant!” Lei Xu’s voice sounded at this moment.

Ji Fengyan lifted her head to look at Lei Xu, who was sitting on a horse, and lifted her brows and chin to say, “Master Lei, why are you here instead of taking care of your son at home, who had his butt beaten up?”

After Ji Fengyan’s words came out of her mouth, the people hiding in the corner all had interested faces.

Lei Xu only had Lei Min this son, so the one with his butt beaten up… wasn’t it Lei Min?

Who had such a capability?

To even beat up the City Lord’s young master?

Lei Xu’s face was shrouded with sinister. He looked coldly at Ji Fengyan and a deep hatred flashed across his eyes. He silently took a deep breath before smiling and say, “Ji Fengyan, you do not have to agitate me with words. You should be very clear why I am here to look for you.”

“Sorry, I really do not know.” Ji Fengyan shrugged her shoulders and did not leave Lei Xu any dignity.

This fellow really thought that she was a weakling?

Lei Xu gritted his teeth but regained his composure very quickly. Suddenly, he clapped his hands. Then a skinny and vulgar-looking middle-aged man who was wearing shabby clothes walked out from among the soldiers. He walked before Lei Xu’s horse and bowed respectfully.

“Ji Fengyan, do you recognise him?” Lei Xu pointed to that vulgar-looking middle-aged man and asked.

Ji Fengyan laughed softly. “I have never seen him before.”

“Never seen before?” Lei Xu laughed coldly. He lifted his chin slightly and looked at Ji Fengyan from top down. Then, he said, “Even if you don’t admit it, but today’s matters won’t be so easily brought over by you.”

Ji Fengyan looked at Lei Xu without changing her expression as she anticipated the tricks Lei Xu was going to pull.

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