Chapter 874

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Chapter 874: Declaration Of Battle (1)

Ji Fengyan looked down from her vantage point at the shocked Gong Huiyu.

“I am the Queen of Fu Guang City.”

Gong Huiyu was slightly taken aback. Then the trace of a smile suddenly appeared on his handsome face.

“How interesting… Queen? Are you thinking of using this city to establish your empire?”

Gong Huiyu meant it as a joke, but who knew that his words would come true in the near future?

Now that the danger to Fu Guang City disappeared, Linghe and the others rushed out of the city. Several thousand Power Soldiers had all been killed. Of the men from Zhai Xing Lou, only Gong Huiyu and the man in black were left. The people that poured out of Fu Guang City immediately surrounded them, their faces filled with hatred.

In the face of so many hostile glares, Gong Huiyu’s face did not show any agitation. He shrugged slightly, looked at the furious faces surrounding him, and said casually, “Looks like I’ve been defeated.”

“Gong Zhiyu, the winner takes it all. What do you have to say for yourself?” Linghe pointed the heavy sword in his hand at Gong Huiyu.

But Gong Huiyu suddenly laughed.

“You are stupid.”

“You!” Linghe glared at him furiously. He could not believe that his opponent could still laugh at this moment.

At that point, the heavy sword that Ji Fengyan stood on slowly landed. She walked over to Linghe and the others and looked at the nonchalant Gong Huiyu. “He’s not Gong Zhiyu.”

“What?” Linghe and the others were stunned.

Not Gong Zhiyu?

How could that be?

But because of Ji Fengyan’s words, Linghe studied the man before him again. Now that he was closer, Linghe realized that although the “Gong Zhiyu” before him looked almost like the one he remembered, he gave Linghe a completely different feeling.

Linghe had always felt that Gong Zhiyu was a polite gentleman, but because his body was weak, his face was paler than normal. Although the man before him looked almost like Gong Zhiyu, his brow had a sinister aura, and his complexion was normal.

At that moment, Linghe suddenly realized that the person in front him was not Gong Zhiyu.

“No wonder… no wonder I said… I felt that it was rather strange.” Her words enlightened Linghe.

Gong Huiyu did not mind that someone had blown his cover. He had no interest in explaining anything to the others in Fu Guang City. In his eyes, these people were all useless. The only one worth a second look was…

Gong Huiyu’s gaze involuntarily fell on Ji Fengyan.

The young girl before him was definitely not a beauty. At most, she could be considered pretty. But the delicate face had a pair of mesmerizing eyes filled with the cold aura of murder, but which also had an inexplicable detachment. Yet, this contradiction seemed completely natural.

“I’ve lost this time. I did not expect the Queen to be so powerful. Today, Zhai Xing Lou has underestimated you.” Until now, Gong Huiyu still did not know the name of the young girl before him. However, he mockingly imitated the way the people in Fu Guang City addressed Ji Fengyan. It was as if he was not at all concerned about whether he lived or died.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes narrowed. The evil-vanquishing sword in her hand suddenly moved upwards and the icy point of the sword was suddenly held against Gong Huiyu’s neck.

“Underestimated?” Ji Fengyan’s mouth curled in the trace of a cold smile. “If Zhai Xing Lou dares to touch my people in Fu Guang City, it had better consider the price to be paid.”

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