Chapter 875

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Chapter 875: Declaration Of Battle (2)

Gong Huiyu’s eyes slowly moved downwards to the sharp sword Ji Fengyan held at his throat. His mouth curled in the trace of a smile.

“Price? Perhaps the Queen wants to kill me? The winner takes it all. Since I’ve lost, you may take my life.” Gong Huiyu’s tone was completely nonchalant, as if life and death did not mean much to him.

A cold gleam flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes. Her wrist that held the sword suddenly flicked. Gong Huiyu involuntarily closed his eyes and prepared to meet his death.


His body did not feel the pain it expected. Instead, a warm liquid sprayed all over his face.

Gong Huiyu opened his eyes in shock and a drop of blood slid past the corner of his eyes. The fresh blood dripped into his eyes, causing a stinging sensation. He subconsciously turned his head and suddenly discovered that the man in black that had been standing next to him had lost his head. Fresh blood sprayed from the large opening in his neck and he fell to the ground with a plop.

“This a warning to Zhai Xing Lou.” Ji Fengyan gently flicked the blood off the evil-vanquishing sword. She looked coldly at the stunned Gong Huiyu and said, “Scram. Tell Gong Qiang that he will pay me back tenfold for Fu Guang City’s losses today.”

Gong Huiyu was taken aback. He looked at Ji Fengyan in shock.

“You aren’t planning to kill me?”

Ji Fengyan swept a cold look and him, but did not reply.

Ji Fengyan’s actions shocked Linghe and the others, but wisely held their tongues.

Gong Huiyu had not expected to be spared. The truth was that the moment Ji Fengyan had used the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck, Gong Huiyu had already anticipated his complete defeat and prepared himself to die.


Ji Fengyan’s actions were completely unexpected.

“You’ll regret it if you don’t kill me.” Gong Huiyu smiled. He looked at Ji Fengyan fearlessly.

Ji Fengyan could not be bothered to talk nonsense with him. With a flick of the evil-vanquishing sword in her hand, a cold light suddenly flashed past Gong Huiyu’s knees. In an instant, an agonizing pain spread from Gong Huiyu’s knees.

The moment he felt the pain, Gong Huiyu’s knees buckled and he knelt on the ground with a plop. His lower body was saturated with blood. Ji Fengyan had crushed his kneecaps.

As he knelt, the crushed bones pierced through his skin. The agony was so great that Gong Huiyu shuddered uncontrollably.

Cold sweat suddenly seeped from Gong Huiyu’s brow. No matter how cunning he was, he could not withstand such agony. In a moment, his handsome face turned as white as snow.

“Kneel and speak.” Ji Fengyan looked coldly at the ashen Gong Huiyu. Her slightly raised chin and downward glance told Gong Huiyu about the disparity between them.

Gong Huiyu secretly gritted his teeth and forced himself to tolerate the agony in his knees. His bloodshot eyes were fixed on Ji Fengyan. However, he still forced his lips to curve into a smile.

“Yes, Queen.”

Ji Fengyan paid no more attention to Gong Huiyu, but led Linghe and the others back to the devastated Fu Guang City.

Only Gong Huiyu, with his crushed kneecaps, was left outside the city gate. Amidst the vast emptiness, Gong Huiyu had no choice but to pathetically use his hands to grip the mud beneath his body. He endured the agony as he painfully crawled towards Zhai Xing Lou.

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