Chapter 876

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Chapter 876: Declaration Of Battle (3)

Fu Guang City had sustained many losses in this tribulation. If Ji Fengyan had not arrived in time, the entire city of people would have been massacred by Zhai Xing Lou.

Now that Ji Fengyan had returned and removed the danger, everyone could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Ji Fengyan immediately arranged for men to take care of the injured and ordered Xu Lao to lead a group of people who had some medical skills to tend to their wounds.

The Fu Guang City of the past was like a dish of scattered sand. But now that they had shared weal and woe, the hearts of the people in the city changed subtly. They now understood that from the moment they entered Fu Guang City and settled there, they became part of Fu Guang City, and their fortunes were inextricably entwined with it. If others sought to harm Fu Guang City, they could not escape even if they wanted to. They were now completely bound to Fu Guang City.

If they wished to continue living in Free Valley, they had to unite.

Although the Blood Tribe had previously led Fu Guang City, the Blood Tribe was actually the weakest of the three. Whenever they faced Zhai Xing Lou or Yan Luo Dian, they had always chosen to yield. This created a subconscious sense of suppression and terror in the people of Fu Guang City. They knew that if anything happened, the Blood Tribe would not protect them. As a result, they never felt a sense of belonging to Fu Guang City, even if they had lived there for a long time.


From that day onwards, everything changed completely.

Ji Fengyan’s power and protection finally put the people in Fu Guang City at ease. In their hearts, they treasured every word that Ji Fengyan had said to Zhai Xing Lou.

No one could touch her people. If anyone wanted to harm her people, they would have to pay a price.

With such a powerful and protective leader, their selfishness slowly vanished. A sense of belonging to the city, that had not existed previously, was born. They knew that as long as they were part of Fu Guang City, Ji Fengyan would not abandon them. Even if they were injured or got into trouble, Ji Fengyan would still protect them.

All those who had fled to the Free Valley had lived dangerous and violent lives. They were continually terrified and uneasy. They had no relatives or friends. Everyone close to them had the potential to be an enemy.

Never had anyone been even the least bit concerned about whether they lived or died.


Ji Fengyan was different…

When they were in danger, she had come forward and averted the disaster for them.

The people in Fu Guang City began to subconsciously think that the present Fu Guang City might be worth their every effort.

However, Ji Fengyan was not yet aware of these subtle changes. She arranged for people to rescue the injured and to dispose of the Power Soldiers’ bodies.

Although all the Power Soldiers had died, the blood in their bodies was still extremely lethal. If they were not disposed of as soon as possible, they might cause more harm to Fu Guang City.

As Ji Fengyan’s personal guards, Zuo Nuo and the others had vital energy in their body. As a result, they had sustained only slight losses in this battle. None of them had died, and only two or three of them had received minor injuries. In order to avoid the possibility of others not dealing properly with the Power Soldiers’ bodies, this responsibility was handed to them.

The people in Fu Guang City all witnessed this.

If the Power Soldiers’ bodies were not properly dealt with, some blood might flow out, and that was extremely dangerous. However, Ji Fengyan handed the matter over to her personal guards instead of others in the city. This made everyone respect Ji Fengyan even more.

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