Chapter 877

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Chapter 877: Declaration Of Battle (4)

After she had finished assigning the tasks, Ji Fengyan asked Meng Fusheng and Linghe to go to her residence and she questioned them on the details of the day’s events.

Meng Fusheng had sustained some minor injuries and remained wrapped in bandages. He was rather disheveled when he stood in front of Ji Fengyan and recounted everything that had happened that day.

“Queen, why… did you set Gong Huiyu free?” Meng Fusheng had struggled for a long time before expressing the biggest question on his mind.

Gong Huiyu had been the mastermind behind this move, and Meng Fusheng hated his guts. The Blood Tribe had lost more than a hundred brothers in this battle, and Meng Fusheng’s heart was wrung with pain.

He did not understand why Ji Fengyan had deliberately let Gong Huiyu go when she was so powerful.

The same question was on Linghe’s mind. He also wanted to know why Ji Fengyan had acted in that way.

Ji Fengyan looked at their puzzled faces and said, “Firstly, the real person who wants to get rid of Fu Guang City is Gong Qiang. Gong Huiyu’s existence has no real meaning. Secondly…”

Ji Fengyan paused. “I owe Gong Zhiyu a favor.”

When Gong Zhiyu had first brought men to Fu Guang City, he was prepared to do battle. However, he had suddenly changed his strategy when he saw Ji Fengyan. The person who had led the Power Soldiers this time was not Gong Zhiyu, but Gong Huiyu. With Ji Fengyan’s intelligence, and from what she heard of Gong Qiang’s character, she guessed that when Gong Zhiyu had suddenly changed his strategy and returned to Zhai Xing Lou; he had probably been punished severely.

Otherwise, he would have been the one to lead the troops this time.

Ji Fengyan also did not know why Gong Zhiyu had suddenly changed his plans. Based on mutual regard, she had had little contact with Gong Zhiyu. She had only allowed Gong Zhiyu to stay for a while in her residence in Ji City. Gong Zhiyu had definitely known what kind of punishment awaited him when he disobeyed Gong Qiang’s orders, but he had still gone ahead.

No matter why Gong Zhiyu had acted as he did, Ji Fengyan still owed him a favor.

Gong Huiyu and Gong Zhiyu looked similar. Although they have completely different temperaments, Ji Fengyan could sense that his aura was still extremely similar to Gong Zhiyu’s. This situation could only occur in twins.

So she had spared Gong Huiyu’s life, taught him a lesson and considered it to be a repayment for Gong Zhiyu’s favor.


Ji Fengyan did not feel that she would have truly avenged herself by killing Gong Huiyu. The real power in Zhai Xing Lou was Gong Qiang. Eventually, she would settle accounts with Gong Qiang.

Meng Fusheng and Linghe were not stupid. They quickly understood the meaning behind Ji Fengyan’s words.

Although they somewhat resented letting Gong Huiyu go, Ji Fengyan was right.

The real mastermind was Gong Qiang. If they wanted to seek revenge, they should look for Gong Qiang rather than Gong Huiyu, who had been pushed to the forefront by Gong Qiang.

“However, I have repaid the favor and we now have nothing to do with them. Sooner or later, we will make Gong Qiang pay for what he did. We must first allow the people in the city to recover. Otherwise, when we seek revenge in the future, their sickly looks will make us look less imposing.” Ji Fengyan spoke decisively. She was not an easy person to negotiate with. Gong Qiang had dared to act against Fu Guang City. She would certainly let him know that he could not afford to provoke Fu Guang City.

“Yes! I will order the brothers under my command to use the time wisely to recuperate.” Meng Fusheng responded immediately. With Ji Fengyan’s words, he no longer had any concerns.

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