Chapter 878

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Chapter 878: Building A Kingdom (1)

The walls of Fu Guang City had suffered great damage by the power soldiers. Many people within the city were also injured. As such, it would be a challenge to repair the city walls. Nevertheless, everyone was well aware that the earlier defeat of Zhai Xing Lou was not the end. It would not be long before Zhai Xing Lou would come again with renewed strength. If the city walls were not repaired by then, the battle would be a tough one right from the start.

As a result, even though they had yet to fully recover, the Fu Guang City residents automatically started repairing the walls. Still pathetically wrapped in bandages, burly men could be seen swarming over the walls.

Ji Fengyan followed Linghe to the outside of the walls and watched the injured men struggling to work.

Linghe couldn’t help feeling grateful.

“These people seemed to have changed for the better.”

The residents of Fu Guang City had been living here for so long, but had done nothing for the city. Even after so many years, they still stayed in those old, dilapidated houses. But now, they were actually actively cooperating with each other to repair the city walls. It was astonishing.

Ji Fengyan nodded. The residents of Fu Guang City were changing bit by bit. It might be a long process, but one couldn’t help feeling hopeful.

“Gong Huiyu said something which reminded me,” Ji Fengyan suddenly said.

“What?” Linghe asked curiously.

Ji Fengyan smiled.

“He asked if I intended to make use of Fu Guang City to build my kingdom.”

It stunned Linghe. He felt a hunch as he looked at Ji Fengyan’s smile.

Ji Fengyan tilted her head and gazed at Linghe. “I think that was a good suggestion. What do you think?”

Hot blood suddenly surged through Linghe’s heart.

Build a kingdom?

There were many mighty practitioners in this world all dominating over their own arena. But apart from the early years of nation-building, no one had gotten the idea to create their own kingdom.

Taking control over a piece of territory to build a brand new kingdom. This was not something that many people would even dare to imagine?

“Miss, you are intending to…” Linghe felt somewhat nervous. Building a new kingdom was too astounding. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help feeling a kind of optimism.

Ji Fengyan laughed as she looked up at the people busily repairing the walls.

“I never had such an idea before. But after going through so much, I suddenly realized that as powerful as one person can be, it would be tough to go at it alone if met with a mass attack. I can come and go as I please in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. I also believe that no one in that Kingdom can stop me. But…”

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. “I still fled the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.”

As powerful as she was, she could not forever live in a nation where danger lurked in every corner. The feeling of knowing one could be ambushed at any time and any place would make anyone go insane.

“I have had enough of being restrained by others. That feeling of being suppressed by everything. Why not start afresh and build a kingdom of my very own? I am the queen here and no one can ever command me ever again.”

A grand idea had risen in Ji Fengyan’s mind. The geography and spiritual energy of the Free Valley completely met her requirements. Only by building her own kingdom and amassing adequate power could she defend against the dangers that may arise in the future.

Linghe took a deep breath and suddenly knelt before Ji Fengyan.

“If Mistress wishes to build a kingdom, I will pursue that dream to my very last breath.”

No one was more aware than Linghe of the difficulties Ji Fengyan had faced. If the heavens wanted to oppose them, then they would fight them once again!

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