Chapter 879

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Chapter 879: Building A Kingdom (2)

Ji Fengyan smiled. “If that’s the case, then let’s go make it happen!”

“Yes!” A buoyant light shone in Linghe’s eyes.

A kingdom that belonged to them; Perhaps it would be a reality soon.

Ji Fengyan already had some plans. If she could take over the Free Valley, then she could fulfill the agreement between herself and the rhinoceros beast. She could also prevent others from harming the living creatures within the Forest of Freedom.

Ji Fengyan couldn’t help smiling as she thought of that. She spoke to Linghe in a low voice. His eyes shone and he immediately ran off.

Ji Fengyan walked towards the damaged walls. Noticing her approach, the people who were busy repairing promptly stopped their work and nodded in gratitude at her.

“Our queen!”

Ji Fengyan acknowledged them one by one. She cast a sweeping glance over them. When she had first arrived in Fu Guang City, she could see an intense dark aura clouding the area between their brows. But after yesterday’s battle, that dark aura had faded. The sincerity shown as they greeted each other was also a rare sight.

The residents of Fu Guang City were extremely grateful towards Ji Fengyan. In reality, although Fu Guang City had always enjoyed a certain stability in the past, the threat of danger lurked constantly. Among the three powers, Fu Guang City was the weakest. It was just that Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou had never viewed them as a worthy opponent.

Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou had been privately battling each other all these while. On the surface, it seemed like Fu Guang City could stay out of the fray.

But everyone was well aware that the moment either Yan Luo Dian or Zhai Xing Lou dominated the other—the very next target would be Fu Guang City.

It was only a matter of before they would destroy Fu Guang City. The people living in that city knew that every day they were alive was a day gained.

Now, Ji Fengyan’s arrival had given them hope. A hope that allowed them to fight against their fate.

It was as if Fu Guang City would never be defeated as long as they had Ji Fengyan.

It was exactly this hope that allowed the usually self-serving residents to cast aside their selfish attitudes and start contributing to their city.

After a short while, Linghe came rushing back. Zuo Nuo had come along, and they carried a huge case between them. Panting, they came before Ji Fengyan.

“Miss, we have brought the things you asked for.” Linghe smiled as he opened the case.

Inside was packed full of yellow beans.

The men working on the walls had also stretched out their necks to look. They couldn’t help feeling curious as they watched Linghe and Zuo Nuo carry over a case of yellow beans.

Just as they were being perplexed, Ji Fengyan lifted her chin at Linghe and Zuo Nuo, indicating that they were to transport the case up upon the wall.

The two men complied. The people on the walls also lent them a hand.

“Brother Ling, why did our queen have you bring these beans up here? These… can’t be eaten…” A grimy-faced man looked in wonder at Linghe.

Linghe purposely gave a mysterious smile and patted him on the shoulder. “Brother, just wait and see.”

With that, he and Zuo Nuo dumped the whole case of yellow beans from the highest point of the city walls!

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