Chapter 88 - A Mad Man’s Accusations (2)

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Chapter 88: A Mad Man’s Accusations (2)

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“Ji Fengyan, as my son Lei Min’s fiancee, you were not well-loved in your family. Min’er could not bear to let you suffer and ordered his men to bring you to Ji City, who knew that you were so promiscuous at such a young age. After arriving at Ji City, not only were you not grateful towards Min’er’s effort, you actually had an illicit relationship with another person! When people caught you red-handed in your dirty affair, you actually wanted to silence them! How could there be such a despicable woman like you alive!” Lei Xu’s voice became sharp and ear-piercing. Each time he opened his mouth, filthy accusations were poured onto her.

After everything that he said, the common people all around became silent.

Ji Fengyan indeed only arrived at Ji City not long ago, and the bet with Su Lingsheng at the stone betting store had also spread in Ji City. Anyone who was around that day could tell that Ji Fengyan and the City Lord’s young master Lei Min knew each other.

Except that—

No one could imagine that this ordinary looking young lady was actually Lei Min’s fiancee. What’s even more unbelievable was that she was so promiscuous and ruthless at such a young age!

Almost instantly, everyone outside the residence started to buzz among themselves. All of them looked at Ji Fengyan with their eyes filled with contempt and mockery.

This brat really does not know how to be contented. With that look of hers it was already a miracle that she could still cling onto the City Lord’s young master, yet she’s still not satisfied and seduced other people.”

“Morals are really degenerating day by day. You really can’t tell.”

“She is really a slut. No wonder City Lord Lei had to involve so many people.”

As the harsh words continued, Lei Xu looked at the outcome that he had expected with satisfaction.

No one would doubt Lei Xu’s words. After all, Lei Xu was the City Lord, and to other people, Ji Fengyan was only a brat with an unknown source. Who would believe that their City Lord would purposely accuse a little brat?

Linghe’s face had already turned ashen. He completely could not believe that Lei Xu would actually use such a scheming trick to accuse Ji Fengyan!

“Lei Xu! You better speak properly! Our Miss always had proper behaviour, don’t you accuse her!” Linghe was bristling with anger as he shouted.

But Lei Xu sat with a look of disgust on his horse and he said coldly, “accuse her? Why do I have to accuse a young girl? If she did not commit such a disgraceful act, why do I have to involve so many people?”

“You are spouting nonsense! Our Miss is then…”

“Then what? I really am curious to know what kind of excuse you are going to come up with to help this brat escape from her crime.” Lei Xu smiled with disdain. He looked up at Ji Fengyan, whose expression remained the same. “Ji Fengyan, your dog says that I have accused you, then… I shall let everyone here see for themselves whether I have accused you wrongly.”

After he said that, Lei Xu looked at the vulgar-looking middle-aged man, who was standing in front of his horse, and said, “tell them everything that you have seen that day and be honest. I will not spare you if there are any incomplete or untrue details.”

That middle-aged man bent his back with both his fists cupped and nodded. Then, he took a step forward and said in front of everyone, “I am a miner in the city and has always provided the gem shop with natural stones. Recently, the gem store owner suddenly turned dim-witted and the store was passed on to his son. I did not think much about it initially, but two days ago when I went to deliver the natural stones, because I had sprained my ankle, I was a little late and I saw…”

“What did you see?” Lei Xu questioned closely.

That person swallowed his saliva before saying, ” I saw the new store owner and a woman having sex…”

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