Chapter 880

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Chapter 880: Building A Kingdom (3)

Everyone gasped as he scattered the yellow beans on the ground.

Just as they were feeling totally nonplussed, Ji Fengyan suddenly drew out her evil-vanquishing sword and stabbed the tip into the ground. A layer of golden light suddenly spread out from beneath her feet and shot out in all directions!

In the blink of an eye, the golden light had covered the entire ground. The yellow beans were all engulfed by that glow.

The whole congregation stared dumbfounded at the scene. They could barely believe their own eyes.

What the hell was that!

In the next instant, clumsy figures slowly climbed up from the ground one by one. Made up of intertwined vines, each humanoid vine had a small green sprout growing on its head. They stood up, swaying side to side.

A loud clunk.

The jaws of all the people who witnessed this scene had dropped to the floor.

Yellow beans… humanoid vine…

What the hell was this!!

The scenario unfolding before their eyes had shattered everything that they thought they knew. They even suspected that their eyes must be deceiving them.

After bringing to life all the yellow beans, Ji Fengyan withdrew her evil-vanquishing sword from the ground. With a flick of her wrist, she commanded those humanoid vines.

Even without uttering a single word, those humanoid vines seemed to understand what Ji Fengyan wanted them to do. One by one, they slowly turned and started climbing up the city walls.

The dazed folks standing upon the wall watched with widened eyes as the clumsy and funny-looking humanoid vines climbed up. They instinctively ducked away, but couldn’t tear their eyes away from those creatures. They could see that those humanoid vines did not have any skin and flesh—they were completely made up of strands of vines.

Under the gaze of the dumbstruck crowd, the humanoid vines took over their unfinished repair works. Although their movements were obviously more clumsy, their vast numbers and harmonious cooperation more than made up for any inadequacies. They passed the foundation rocks one to the other to patch up the holes in the wall.

These fellows were actually repairing the city walls?

The Fu Guang City residents were in a daze. The scene before them was like a bizarre dream. They were so shocked that they didn’t know what to do.

“Let them handle the repair works. You all head back to recuperate.” Ji Fengyan smiled in satisfaction as she watched the humanoid vines carry out the work methodically. There were at least 100,000 beans in the case, carried over by Linghe and Zuo Nuo. These 100,000 humanoid vines felt no fatigue and had no need for rest. As long as Ji Fengyan’s vital energy was not depleted, they could work on forever.

At this moment, the people woke up from their reverie as they finally realized that Ji Fengyan conjured these strange humanoid vines to help them perform the repairs.

Everyone instantly felt an immense gratitude in their hearts. As astounded as they were by Ji Fengyan’s god-like abilities, they were also deeply grateful.

“Our… our queen, actually we can still work…” One of the burly men swallowed his saliva as he forced down his shock.

Ji Fengyan surveyed the bandaged bodies of the crowd, making the bunch of burly men feel rather sheepish.

“Stop talking nonsense and quickly go back to recuperate. If you have not recovered within the week, I will hang you all outside the city like wind chimes.” Ji Fengyan pretended to put on a menacing face.

But her words held no sense of threat at all. Instead, it made the hearts of the crowd grow warm.

No one had ever cared for their well-being.

“Yes, yes, yes. We will rest now.” The hearts of everyone were full of warm, fuzzy feelings. They felt exceedingly happy, even after being admonished by Ji Fengyan. They wriggled down the walls and obediently went back to rest.

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