Chapter 881

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Chapter 881: Nationwide Immortal Cultivation (1)

Under Ji Fengyan’s urging, the people of Fu Guang City obediently went back to recuperate. Meanwhile, the 100,000 humanoid vines took over the repair works. Not only did they properly repair the city walls, they reinforced the foundations those had power soldiers destroyed. Subsequently, they even renovated those dilapidated ancient houses.

In just a short few days, they revamped the entire Fu Guang City. As the people were recovering, they looked at the brand new streets and towering city walls—and felt for the first time a sense of satisfaction in their hearts.

The current Fu Guang City was no longer decrepit and desolate. With more people around, it became increasingly like a real, bustling city.

During the renewal of Fu Guang City, Ji Fengyan had increased the thickness of the city walls and added another two meters to its height. It reinforced the entire Fu Guang City so that even if Zhai Xing Lou attacked again, things would not be as pathetic as the previous time.

The humanoid vines were very efficient, working day and night, the countless vines completed all the tasks ordered by Ji Fengyan in the shortest amount of time. Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan didn’t withdraw her vital energy, but had Linghe and Meng Fusheng bring a group of men to carve huge trigrams in the four corners of the city.

With the recovery of her inner core, Ji Fengyan’s vital energy had become much stronger. The Free Valley also held a rich amount of spiritual energy. This had her thinking.

Since she was prepared to build a nation with Fu Guang City as her first power base, she must naturally carry out a proper revamp.

The trigrams carved in the four corners of the city could trigger the flow of spiritual energy and quickly draw the surrounding energy into Fu Guang City. With an abundant spiritual energy in the atmosphere, even a commoner with no knowledge of cultivation would be nourished by that energy and experience improvements to both his physical body and spiritual state.

The residents of Fu Guang City didn’t know any of these, and they did not understand the reasons behind the changes made by Ji Fengyan to the city. Nobody doubted her actions, but instead was extremely protective of her.

It could be said that after Ji Fengyan rescued Fu Guang City, all its residents had developed a blind faith in her and defended her unquestioningly.


Everything their queen said was right!

Whoever dared to object would be dragged out and beaten to death!

At the same time, Ji Fengyan had written the basic methods of cultivation. She then had the Blood Tribe members make a thousand copies of it.

There were about 3,000 people living in Fu Guang City. Their abilities were already considered way above your average person. Otherwise, they would not have been able to evade capture and escape to the Free Valley. Ji Fengyan had Linghe and gang deliver the copies to everyone in the city. They were strongly urged to perform the cultivation according to the written instructions, which would be of a great help to them.

The perplexed residents felt astounded by the bizarre cultivation methods. Nevertheless, after they found out that that this was something their beloved “queen” had specially prepared for them, almost everyone immediately kept their copy carefully. They then obediently headed home to studiously begin their cultivation.

It was a really strange scene…

In just a few days, the people’s behavior had totally changed under the influence of Ji Fengyan.

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