Chapter 882

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Chapter 882: Nationwide Immortal Cultivation (2)

“My friend, what can I do for you?”

“I am going to fetch water from the river. Would you like to come along?”

“Yes, I was just going to do that as well.”

“Look at my Taiji Eight Trigrams move! Isn’t it so graceful!”

“No no no, take a look at my Five Elements Punch first to see how cool it looks…”

Ji Fengyan had selflessly imparted her entire immortal cultivation techniques to the entire Fu Guang City. Even the new headquarters was being revamped accordingly to her specifications.

The ancient structure underwent a complete renovation. Antique-looking pavilions full of eastern influence were built.

Following that, Ji Fengyan also discarded the usual garb of this world. She came up with various clothing designs that looked extremely cool to her mind, and had tailors make them from scratch.

When Ji Fengyan first walked along the streets in her new long, white robe—everyone who saw her was totally stunned. Thereafter…

The people of Fu Guang City all started copying Ji Fengyan’s clothing style.

In just half a month, Fu Guang City had undergone a complete transformation. Everyone was humble and polite. They greeted each other as “friends” and often discussed about the cultivation of spiritual energy. Their outfits were also full of eastern flavor.

Not only that, even Ji Fengyan’s evil-vanquishing sword had attracted quite a lot of attention.

Swordsmen who were used to their heavy swords begin to discreetly draw prototype designs similar to the evil-vanquishing sword. They then secretly had blacksmiths create their new swords for them.

Soon after…

Only a few people within the city continued to carry heavy swords. Most had long, light swords hanging by their waists, which matched their eastern-style attires.

Ji Fengyan felt as if she had returned to the ancient times of her former life thousands of years ago…


Although Ji Fengyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at all this, she was actually rather pleased. Following that, she even changed the usual magic staff held by sorcerers.

Everyone held a whisk.

From afar, they really bore the aura of an immortal.

Fu Guang City had transformed into an entirely new world. It had become an utopia.

As everybody reveled in their new discoveries, they didn’t realize that gun smoke was already arising within the Free Valley.

A month after Ji Fengyan defeated Gong Huiyu, a group of unexpected visitors came knocking on the main gates of Fu Guang City.

A bunch of men wearing bronzed devil masks and riding upon mighty stallions came to a stop before the brand new doors of Fu Guang City.

The eyes of the group’s leader nearly popped out at the sight of the bright red city gates embedded with golden nails. He instinctively looked up, expecting to see the plaque spelling out Fu Guang City’s name. Instead, two words carved out of a dark gold mineral stood in its place.

“Heavenly Courts??”

What the hell was this? Isn’t this Fu Guang City?

The leader was stunned. He totally couldn’t understand what was going on.

“Leader, is this… really Fu Guang City?” One of the devil-masked men asked in astonishment. The mighty and formidable city before them was totally different from that formerly decrepit town.

Apart from it being in the same location, even the city walls and gates had completely changed.

The corners of the leader’s mouth twitched. He gazed at the symbols carved onto the walls, feeling… that this city was bizarrely powerful.

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