Chapter 883

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Chapter 883: Nationwide Immortal Cultivation (3)

“Knock on the door.” The leader put on a calm facade.

The devil-masked man hesitated a long while before walking over to the gates of Fu Guang City with a befuddled mind. Just as he was about to knock, he suddenly noticed a notice pasted on the door.

[Visitors who knock, get lost. Doors will only open for those who ring the bell.]

“…” The devil-masked man was shocked. Only then did he notice the huge bell on the top corner of the city gates. A rope hung down from that bell.

“Now I have really seen it all. Is this really Fu Guang City?” The devil-masked man couldn’t help muttering. Before, he would have ignored the instructions on that notice. But the present Fu Guang City looked so bizarre that he couldn’t help but suspect that he had arrived at the wrong place.

Feeling rather apprehensive, the devil-masked man had no choice but to obediently tug on that rope to ring the bell.

A distant and ancient noise reverberated across the sky. The sound of the bell was not piercing at all, but was instead rather soothing.

After the bell sounded, the tightly closed doors finally opened slowly. A middle-aged man, wearing a peculiar blue-gray long robe and sporting a crested hairstyle appeared. He was also carrying a wooden stick about half the length of a forearm. A bunch of long, dense white hairs sprouted from the end of that stick…

The eyes of the devil-masked man nearly popped out.

What the hell was this!

The sight of that devil-masked man also stunned the middle-aged man. Nevertheless, he quickly recovered his senses and asked in a spiritual manner. “My friend from afar, what can I do for you?”


What the hell?

The devil-masked man felt rather overwhelmed, but he forged on. “I am a messenger from Yan Luo Dian, sent by our City Lord to Fu Guang… City. To discuss a matter…”

The voice of the devil-masked man faltered when he spoke the name Fu Guang City. He instinctively looked up at the two words “Heavenly Courts” before asking sheepishly, “Is this Fu Guang City?”

The middle-aged man gave a slight start, but then smiled. “This used to be Fu Guang City. You are not wrong.”

“That’s good. That’s good.” The devil-masked man heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the doubts in his heart intensified.

This was Fu Guang City, but… why was it completely different from what he remembered?

While the devil-masked man was still engulfed in confusion, the middle-aged man said, “You have traveled from afar and are our guests. But please wait a moment. I need to notify my queen before I let you in.”

“Alright.” The devil-masked man nodded.

The city gates closed again and the devil-masked man rubbed his nose in a daze. He turned back and said to his leader, “Leader, this is indeed Fu Guang City.”

“…” The leader also look rather bewildered.

“Fu Guang City… how did it become like this?”

“I don’t know either.” The devil-masked man shook his head.

A string of complex thoughts ran through the mind of the leader. They had only just heard about the battle fought between Zhai Xing Lou and Fu Guang City. The outcome was totally unexpected. Zhai Xing Lou’s third young master had led thousands of power soldiers into the battle, only to flee in defeat. Both his knees had also been shattered. Fu Guang City, the weakest power in Free Valley, had emerged victorious. This news was extremely shocking.

One must know that although it was always described that there were three major forces within Free Valley—both Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou had always disregarded Fu Guang City.

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