Chapter 884

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Chapter 884: Heavenly Courts (1)

To Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian, Fu Guang City did not pose a threat to them at all. Their true opponents were only each other, so when Yan Luo Dian heard that Zhai Xing Lou would launch an attack on Fu Guang City, their first instinct was that Fu Guang City was doomed.

In the end…

No one had expected that the one retreating was Zhai Xing Lou.

After a while, the city gates then opened slowly. The man who was wearing a dull blue long robe walked out with a huge smile on his face as he tossed a strange item in his hand. “The Queen has already given permission for you all to enter. Please make your way.”

The people from Yan Luo Dian all had an abnormal expression. The “Fu Guang City” before them was completely unfamiliar to them, and it made them feel apprehensive.

That feeling had caused them to become more respectful towards this strange city unknowingly and less condescending.

Under the lead of a middle-aged man, the 20 over people from Yan Luo Dian finally entered the city called Heavenly Courts.

When they finally made their way in, everything in sight made them feel bizarre.

In the Heavenly Courts, every building was filled with foreign and strange letters. The pavilions with white walls and golden tiles had unusual colour, and the stalls along the streets sold goods that they had never seen before. What made them even more perplexed were the clothing that everyone on the streets were wearing and the weapons that they were carrying.

The people were all walking peacefully on the streets and would only turn to look at the people from Yan Luo Dian occasionally, but they did not have any unique reaction.

This situation made the people from Yan Luo Dian confused.

One of the devil-masked men looked upon in surprise when he passed by a man.

“What’s wrong?” the leading man questioned.

The devil-masked man scratched his head and said without understanding, “I saw that man just now before we entered the Free Valley and had even interacted with him. Previously, when he was escaping to the Free Valley, he had begged me to allow him into Yan Luo Dian but because he was not capable enough, he did not manage to enter…”

The devil-masked man spoke vaguely. In fact, the man that had just passed him had been determined to enter the Yan Luo Dian when he first arrived at the Free Valley. As such, he tried many ways to please the devil-masked man and seemed to even be willing to do anything.

The unique feature of the people from Yan Luo Dian was that they would wear a devil mask. Anyone who saw them could recognise them immediately. If it was in the past, if any member of Yan Luo Dian were to enter Fu Guang City, there would be a group of people gathering immediately to try to please them so that they could join the Yan Luo Dian.

The people from Yan Luo Dian were already used to the servile manner that the people from Fu Guang City would behave. When they knew that they were coming to Fu Guang City, they had even complained about how they would be curried favour by the spineless people of Fu Guang City.


Everything that they were seeing was completely different from expected.

Not only were they not currying favour, the people here were not even looking at them. All of them just walked past as if they did not know that they had come from Yan Luo Dian.

Such a laid-back attitude was the first for the people of Yan Luo Dian.

The entire Fu Guang City was filled with abnormality and the people from Yan Luo Dian no longer felt as highly regarded as they were before.

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