Chapter 885

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Chapter 885: Heavenly Courts (2)

The longer the people from Yan Luo Dian stayed in the city, the more they saw, making them feel like… this place was a completely different place from the Fu Guang City they had known.

In the city, they saw many people who had once tried to enter Yan Luo Dian but were chased out because of their inadequate capabilities and the aura around these people had changed.

They saw many people holding onto a wooden stick with a dangling white fur and could not help but ask the leading middle-aged man, “Uh… what is the thing that everyone is carrying?”

The middle-aged man stopped in his tracks and turned to face their curious gazes. He smiled and said nothing else. He directly lifted the strange thing he had been holding and muttered some spell difficult to understand.

Instantly, flames emerged from the end of the white furtail and shot up into the sky with a swoosh.

The sorcerers from Yan Luo Dian were instantly stunned. They could tell with one look that the middle-aged man had used a fireball technique just now.

The fireball technique was the most basic and simple attack used by a sorcerer, and an ordinary sorcerer apprentice could cast it.

Casting a fireball spell would require a magic staff, and normally… the fireball could not fly into the sky.


The middle-aged man did not use a magic staff to cast the fireball, and from what they saw, the power of the fireball had already exceeded that of a high-grade sorcerer.

But looking at the middle-aged man before them, he seemed to be only a mid-grade sorcerer.

How could he cast such a powerful fireball technique?

“This is called a whisk.” The middle-aged man looked at the Yan Luo Dian people’s shocked faces, and his heart filled with pride.

“Whisk?” The group of people from Yan Luo Dian were perplexed and became curious about the item called whisk.

Looking at the buildings along the way, there were four corners sticking upwards on the roof. There were also stone beast sculptures on them, and each of the sculptures were something they had never seen before.

The Yan Luo Dian people, who had originally been arrogant, after entering the “Heavenly Courts”, ended up becoming fools themselves. Everything that they saw were new to them and left them staring blankly.

And these were all noticed by the middle-aged man, making him feel even more proud.

The once almighty Yan Luo Dian was merely just this and could not be compared to their Queen’s uncanny workmanship.

As they continued to walk, they were dazed.

They watched as strange humanoid vines walked clumsily on the streets. They were either carrying baskets full of stones or goods, while the city people seemed to be used to their presence and naturally interacted with those humanoid vines.

This sight made the people from Yan Luo Dian completely stunned.

“What… what are those?”

“They are the most loyal servants to the Queen,” the middle-aged man’s tone was filled with pride.


Those things could even be servants?

They were formed from a bunch of vines, yet they moved no differently from ordinary humans…

The people from Yan Luo Dian instantly felt that their understanding of the world had crumbled gradually.

What the hell was with this place!

Under an immense shock from all the jaw dropping and strange sightings, they finally arrived at the palace where Ji Fengyan was.

That was a dazzling golden, yet graceful and elegant palace. At the palace entrance, there was even a huge plaque hung up high, with the words “Lingxiao Palace” on it.

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