Chapter 886

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Chapter 886: Heavenly Courts (3)

By now, everyone from Yan Luo Dian were already filled with anticipation and curiosity about this “Queen” that they had not met before. A person who could easily gain control of Fu Guang City from the Blood Tribe and cause the army from Zhai Xing Lou to be defeated, and… even rebuilt the dilapidated Fu Guang City into the bizarre “Heavenly Courts”—what kind of person would she be?

Regarding this, it filled all of them with curiosity. They had tried to learn about the past of this “Queen” but after Fu Guang City was subdued, no one would release any news about the city. After losing to Fu Guang City once, the people from Zhai Xing Lou would be even more unwilling to mention the woman who had caused their defeat.

Filled with excitement, confusion and curiosity, the group entered this amazing “Lingxue Palace” under the lead of the middle-aged man. When they just entered the palace, they saw a white deer with a snow white and glistening body walking past them casually.

“Such a beautiful deer.” The man in the front could tell with one look that the white deer was different. Its aura did not lose out to other ferocious beasts, just that he could not tell immediately the identity of the white deer.

He had never seen one like this before.

It was unlikely for him to know that Bai Ze was originally an ordinary white deer and was only food to other mounts in the past. The only reason it could have such a strong aura was all because of the spirit pills that Ji Fengyan had fed it.

“Ahead of you is the Queen’s palace. She is already waiting for everyone inside.” The middle-aged man stopped outside of the main palace.

The people from Yan Luo Dian nodded slightly to the middle-aged man. Currently, they could feel their hearts beating faster, uncontrollably. When they pushed open the door to the main palace, they were filled with anticipation about the “Queen” who had suddenly appeared at the Free Valley.

But then…

The instant they pushed open the door and looked up, they saw a pleasant-looking 15-year-old young girl sitting on the pure white throne with a round and troubled Xiao Tuanzi in her arms.

Ji Fengyan, who was trying to peel Xiao Tuanzi off herself, suddenly heard the door open and instinctively looked up. As a result… she saw a group of men in devil masks standing dazedly at the entrance of the main palace.

Ji Fengyan could only tolerate Xiao Tuanzi’s clingy behaviour and adjusted her posture as she looked towards the “guests” from Yan Luo Dian.

“What are you guys here for?” Meng Fusheng, who was standing at the side of Ji Fengyan, saw that the people from Yan Luo Dian were still standing there in a daze and reminded them.

Upon hearing Meng Fusheng’s voice, they then returned to their senses, except that their eyes continued to scan Ji Fengyan.


Really was that Queen?

Along the way, they had imagined countless times how the powerful Queen would look like. She could be a cold and arrogant woman, or even a suave heroine.


Even over their dead body would they expect that the Queen that made Zhai Xing Lou suffer a loss to be a young girl who seemed like she had no battling capabilities!

In that moment, the people from Yan Luo Dian felt conflicted inside. It was really hard for them to associate the harmless young girl before them with the decisive and resolute “Queen”.

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