Chapter 887

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Chapter 887: Collaboration (1)

Fortunately, the leader of Yan Luo Dian was someone who had seen the world and quickly accepted Ji Fengyan’s identity. After he snapped out of his daze, he immediately stepped forward to bow and pay respects to Ji Fengyan.

“Your Majesty, we are all from Yan Luo Dian. On behalf of our Master, we are here to pay respects to the new City Lord of Fu Guang City.” Then the leader looked towards one of his subordinates, who was still stunned. The subordinate immediately returned to senses and presented a box.

Meng Fusheng walked down the steps and received the box. His handsome-looking face maintained a serious and calm expression.

Ji Fengyan smiled as she looked at the people from Yan Luo Dian before her. She did not think that Yan Luo Dian would be this kind to give her a gift for no reason.

“Do thank your Master on behalf of me. May I know if your Master has other matters?”

Ji Fengyan directly asked for Yan Luo Dian’s true intentions, causing their leader to be stunned for a moment. He had not thought that Ji Fengyan would be this meticulous in her thinking despite her age, and instantly became more cautious and did not dare to treat her like other young girls.

“To be honest, our Master has something to discuss with you.”

“Oh? What thing?” Ji Fengyan supported her chin with one hand and used the other hand to press down Xiao Tuanzi, who was messing around in her arms.

“It’s about Zhai Xing Lou,” the leader continued.

Ji Fengyan’s brows raised slightly, and she could not help but grin.

“About Zhai Xing Lou?”

“Yes. In the Free Valley, there are three strong competing rivals for many years. You have just arrived at the Free Valley recently so you may not be clear about the situation. Please forgive me for my direct words. Zhai Xing Lou had never attacked Fu Guang City in the past because Fu Guang City was never their target. To Zhai Xing Lou… oh no, more accurately, it’s also the same for Yan Luo Dian. Fu Guang City previously did not pose as a serious threat so both strong powers would not create trouble for Fu Guang City for no reason.” The leader was very direct, but also neutral in his words. He secretly observed Ji Fengyan’s reaction and noticed that Ji Fengyan did not seem displeased because of what he had said, so he continued.

“But this equilibrium has been interrupted. Ever since the Blood Tribe wanted to conquer the Forest of Freedom, Fu Guang City was bound to be dragged into the battle at Free Valley. And recently, you should have seen for yourself that Zhai Xing Lou had attacked Fu Guang City and they had summoned thousands of power soldiers. The Power Soldiers are the main battling powers of Zhai Xing Lou and summoning this many of them obviously shows that they were intending to invade the entire Fu Guang City. If not because of you, this Fu Guang City is likely to already be in the hands of Zhai Xing Lou now.”

The leader’s words had been meant to flatter Ji Fengyan slightly, and she could tell. However, she was more interested in the plans of the Master of Yan Luo Dian.

While the leader spoke, he continued to observe Ji Fengyan’s reaction. As expected, she did not seem lost and immature like her age, causing him to regard Ji Fengyan even more highly.

“But this time’s defeat would not make Zhai Xing Lou fearful. Instead, it would stimulate the intention to kill in the Master of Zhai Xing Lou. Not long after, I believe Zhai Xing Lou would start again and by that time, they would not just be summoning a few thousand power soldiers.”

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