Chapter 888

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Chapter 888: Collaboration (2)

“There are four types of main battling powers for Zhai Xing Lou. Besides the power soldiers, there are also the stinging bees, giant rhinoceros and the most terrifying skeleton zombies.” The leader’s tone became more grave.

“These four armies are all built using Gong Qiang’s gold cultivation skills and are stronger than ordinary humans in all aspects, with all different targets. Once they all work together in battle, their battling powers are extremely terrifying.”

“So?” Ji Fengyan was not anxious and threw the question back.

The leader took a deep breath. “We are here today not to instigate a battle between you and Zhai Xing Lou. This battle already started. Even if we did not come, the day will also arrive. For many years, Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou had been battling endlessly at the Free Valley, with not less than 100 small and huge battles altogether. But because of Gong Qiang’s gold cultivation skills, we face huge difficulties in attacking them. If we were to continue letting Gong Qiang build more monsters with his gold cultivation skills, not only Fu Guang City, even us Yan Luo Dian would not be safe. Therefore, our Master hopes to collaborate with you to fight against Zhai Xing Lou.”

“Oh? So you guys are intending to form an ally with us?” The leader’s words had not surprised Ji Fengyan.

The leader nodded.

“I understand what you have said, but… Fu Guang City was never a candidate for collaboration with Yan Luo Dian so how did you guys suddenly think of us?” It was difficult to fool Ji Fengyan. Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou had been battling for so long. If they had been afraid of Zhai Xing Lou becoming stronger, they would have collaborated with Fu Guang City earlier and not until now.

The leader’s expression became slightly awkward. Ji Fengyan was too shrewd that he could not hide anything from them.

“To be honest, this time we had completely fallen out with Zhai Xing Lou. Previously, we could still pretend to be amicable, but now it is impossible. One month ago, we found a rare beast in the Forest of Freedom. We had hid and planned to capture it for many days, but it was captured by Zhai Xing Lou before we did. Our Master could not bear with this and officially declared war against Zhai Xing Lou not long ago. Therefore, we need your help.”

Rare beast?

Upon hearing this, Ji Fengyan’s eyes lit up.

According to the timeline, the rare beast that was stolen from Yan Luo Dian should be the rhinoceros beast, but…

Wasn’t the rhinoceros beast rescued by her?

Why was Yan Luo Dian still blaming it on Zhai Xing Lou?

Ji Fengyan thought for a while and came to a realisation.

It must have been after she left with the rhinoceros beast, Yan Luo Dian’s army was defeated and did not manage to look for the rhinoceros beast. They fled in a hurry and naturally thought that the heavily injured rhinoceros beast was in Zhai Xing Lou’s hands.

If it was not a rare beast, Yan Luo Dian would also not have been this furious with Zhai Xing Lou. The rarity of the rhinoceros beast fatally tempting to anyone, just like the myth about longevity. As such, it was unlikely for their Master to be able to swallow the bitter pill after the rhinoceros beast was snatched away from them.

Ji Fengyan understood everything but pretended to ponder. “Let me consider this for a while.”

The leader was slightly taken aback, as he did not expect Ji Fengyan to not agree immediately.

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