Chapter 889

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Chapter 889: Collaboration (3)

“Your Majesty, we are sincere about this collaboration and our Master has promised to split the Free Valley evenly after defeating Zhai Xing Lou.” The leader could not help but become flustered.

Ji Fengyan continued to smile without responding, and only said, “I know of your sincerity, but this matter has serious implications. You should also know that our city has just been through a huge battle a month ago. It is difficult for us to decide whether to collaborate with you against Zhai Xing Lou. We have yet to recover fully, so… let me consider seriously.”

The leader was speechless because of Ji Fengyan’s words. Fu Guang City had just experienced a huge battle, but…

Seeing such a new city, who would believe that this place had been through a battle a month ago?


The leader could not be more pushy after being suppressed by Ji Fengyan’s aura. Moreover, they were the ones starting the collaboration, so he did not dare to say anything more.

Ji Fengyan was not in a hurry to chase them out and only said that she needed time to think. If the people from Yan Luo Dian had nothing else, they could stay in the city for a few days and she would give them a reply once she was done thinking.

The people from Yan Luo Dian could only nod continuously.

Ji Fengyan ordered Meng Fusheng to send his men to bring them to a place to rest in the city.

After the people from Yan Luo Dian left, Meng Fusheng immediately relaxed his serious look.

“Queen, does Yan Luo Dian really want to collaborate with us?”

Ji Fengyan nodded. “They have been oppressed by Zhai Xing Lou for so long and have been enduring a lot. Now that their rare beast was snatched away, wouldn’t they be infuriated?”

Meng Fusheng was enlightened then he confused again. “In that case, why did you not agree to their suggestion to collaborate immediately? After all, Zhai Xing Lou is also eyeing us. If we can collaborate with Yan Luo Dian, it should not be difficult to deal with Zhai Xing Lou. Moreover, the conditions that they provide seem to be good.”

Ji Fengyan glanced at Meng Fusheng, then moved her fingers side to side slowly in front of him.

“You are wrong.”

“I am wrong?”

Ji Fengyan squeezed Xiao Tuanzi’s butt and said slowly, “It’s true that Yan Luo Dian needs us to deal with Zhai Xing Lou but this does not mean that they will fulfill their promise after defeating Zhai Xing Lou.”

Ji Fengyan looked up slightly, “No matter in the eyes of Zhai Xing Lou or Yan Luo Dian, our city is only a weak power and cannot be compared to them. The reason Yan Luo Dian had looked for us is because they wanted to use our power to break the power equilibrium with Zhai Xing Lou. Once Zhai Xing Lou is exterminated, not only will Yan Luo Dian not fulfill its promise, it would turn against us the first instant and attack us.”

“This sounds like something that Yan Luo Dian would do. I have been too impulsive and have almost forgotten what kind of place Free Valley was. Promises are practically like jokes here. Since this is the case, then we cannot accept Yan Luo Dian’s collaboration. Probably we can wait until both Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou are damaged and drained before we act? Otherwise… with Yan Luo Dian in a rush to deal with Zhai Xing Lou, Zhai Xing Lou may not have time to create trouble for us?” Meng Fusheng’s expression became complicated. The situation at Free Valley had become even more unpredictable, and it was difficult to tell friend from foe.

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