Chapter 89 - A Mad Man’s Accusations (3)

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Chapter 89: A Mad Man’s Accusations (3)

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There was a widespread comment by everyone.

The gem store was the largest stone betting store in Ji City and also where Ji Fengyan and Su Lingsheng had cast their bets. The store owner indeed became crazy after that day and this was not unheard news.

“Oh?” Lei Xu laughed softly and said, “The new store owner of the gem store is also a man, it should be also be reasonable for him to have something on with other women. This is not surprising.”

The middle-aged man said again, “I also thought so, so I only felt awkward at that moment, and did not feel scared. But who knew that after the woman saw me, her expression changed instantaneously. She urged the store owner to capture me and I was so afraid that I instinctively wanted to run away. But after that woman saw that I wanted to escape, she did not care about anything else and pounced on me while holding a carving stone from the side.”

As he said, the man took off his top and revealed an area above his chest. There was a thick bandage wrapped around it and fresh blood was still flowing out.

“If I was not so lucky and survived after being stabbed once, I would have become a dead man by now. I beg the City Lord to help me seek justice!” that person cried out loud and immediately kneeled on the ground, acting all pitiful.

“That woman actually wanted to kill you? Then do you know who she is?” Lei Xu’s eyes flashed with a cold grin.

That middle-aged man suddenly raised his arm and pointed at Ji Fengyan, who was standing at the door outside the residence. “It was her! I did not know that she was City Lord’s young master’s fiancee at that time. If I had known, how would I still dare to stay. She was obviously scared that I would reveal her dirty affairs, so she tried to silence me.”

The common people all around took a breath of cold air in. They did not know how such a skinny and young girl like Ji Fengyan had the courage to commit so many ruthless acts.

“Don’t you make such slanderous remarks!” Linghe immediately stood in front of Ji Fengyan and shouted in a low voice.

Liu Huo, who had followed Ji Fengyan out, saw this scene and started to frown uncontrollably. He glanced at Lei Xu and saw his face with killing intent. Instinctively, he turned his head to look at Ji Fengyan’s reaction.

But what he saw made him dazed.

Ji Fengyan’s mouth was still hanging with a faint smile, and her gaze was filled with interest instead of anger as she watched the farce before her eyes.

That felt as if everything that was happening that day did not concern her and the person being accused was not her.

Linghe was complaining of injustice towards Ji Fengyan, but the situation was siding Lei Xu. None of the people believed that Ji Fengyan was innocent and they had all already convicted her.

“Lei Xu, you’d better not push people too hard!” Linghe shouted in a rage.

Lei Xu did not care about Linghe’s shouts and only looked at Ji Fengyan with a face of helplessness and pity, “Fengyan, I saw you when you were still young, and you were not like that. Who knew that after a few years of not seeing you, you have gone berserk, this really made uncle… sigh…”

“City Lord!” suddenly a man’s voice was heard from among the crowd. A figure squeezed before Lei Xu’s horse in a panic and knelt down with a loud bang.

“Who are you?” Lei Xu raised his brows slightly.

“I am the new store owner of the gem store. I know that I have committed a deadly offence, but I would like to seek City Lord’s forgiveness. I was muddled at that moment, which is why I was seduced by Ji Fengyan. I did not know that she was the fiancee of the City Lord’s young master! I also did not want to silence anyone. Everything… everything was the doing of Ji Fengyan! I was also kept in the dark!” a man with a handsome face cried in tears.

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