Chapter 890

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Chapter 890: Collaboration (4)

But Ji Fengyan shook her head suddenly.

“No, I will agree to Yan Luo Dian’s suggestion.”

“Why? Since you know their ulterior motive, why would you still accept it?” Meng Fusheng had a look of confusion. From what Ji Fengyan had analysed previously, he thought that there would not be any possibility of collaboration with Yan Luo Dian, but… why was Ji Fengyan going against conventions?

Ji Fengyan smiled and responded, “since he wants to play dirty, then I shall see if he is capable. I will definitely fight Zhai Xing Lou for the past debt that they have yet to pay. Since Yan Luo Dian decided to be my hatchet man, why would I not want them?”

Meng Fusheng became even more lost after listening.

Ji Fengyan looked at Meng Fusheng’s confused look and could not control her laughter.

“I will settle this matter, don’t worry. You just have to let your man bring the Yan Luo Dian people around the city a few more rounds and let them become familiarise with this new Heavenly Courts.”

Meng Fusheng still did not understand Ji Fengyan’s intentions, but out of trust for her, he still did as she instructed.

And Linghe, who was standing at the side saying nothing, could not help but laugh out after seeing Meng Fusheng leave with a blank and doubtful look.

“Meng Fusheng really is inflexible. I don’t know how he had defended Fu Guang City for so long.” Linghe laughed as he shook his head.

Ji Fengyan shrugged.

In actual fact, Ji Fengyan could tell Yan Luo Dian’s intentions, but she did not mind working with them so that she could use less energy to deal with Zhai Xing Lou and be at greater ease.

“But I am really curious as to what rare beast Zhai Xing Lou had snatched away from Yan Luo Dian to cause them to be this furious.” Linghe rubbed his chin. Previously, the people from Yan Luo Dian did not explain in details, and it was inappropriate for him to probe.

“It’s a rhinoceros beast,” Ji Fengyan replied.

“A rhinoceros beast? No wonder! This creature was said to only appear in legends. Never did I think that… there was really one at Free Valley…” Linghe exclaimed about the existence of the rhinoceros beast, but after thinking for a moment, he realised something amiss.

“Miss, how did you know that it was a rhinoceros beast?”

“That night when they were fighting in the Forest of Freedom, I was watching everything close by,” Ji Fengyan said truthfully.

Linghe stared at Ji Fengyan with enlarged eyes.

Ji Fengyan looked at Linghe’s expression and could not help but find it funny. “Come to think about it, Zhai Xing Lou had really been accused badly this time. They had not brought away that rhinoceros beast.”

“It was not brought away? Did it run away?” Linghe continued to ask.

Ji Fengyan nodded and lifted her finger to point at herself, “I was the one who rescued it.”

“…” Linghe took a deep breath in and his eyes almost fell out of his eye socket.

“Mi… Miss… you were the one who rescued the rhinoceros beast?”

Ji Fengyan laughed and said, “It was me, but it seems like Yan Luo Dian does not know about this.”

Linghe breathed heavily and he could feel his heart rising to his mouth.

Luckily, Yan Luo Dian had not found out. If they realised that the rhinoceros beast was not brought away by Zhai Xing Lou and was released by Ji Fengyan, most likely… Yan Luo Dian’s target would not be Zhai Xing Lou and would be them instead.

“Miss, is this considered lending somebody a knife to kill another person?” Linghe looked at Ji Fengyan with an implicit meaning in his gaze.

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