Chapter 891

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Chapter 891: One-Day Tour of Heavenly Courts (1)

Putting on an innocent expression, Ji Fengyan batted her eyelashes at Linghe.

“I never said that the rhinoceros beast was taken away by Zhai Xing Lou. I can’t help it if Yan Luo Dian wants to think so.”

Linghe looked distressed. Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian were fighting bitterly over the rhinoceros beast. It was a pity they never realized that beast had already been set free by his mistress. They would probably spew blood in anger if they ever found out.

What a good way to kill off your enemies without getting your own hands dirty. They could just sit back and watch the two major powers fight it out.

Ji Fengyan had shared this matter with Linghe. But the group of Yan Luo Dian men didn’t realize that they had been had by Ji Fengyan. Instead, they wanted to take the opportunity to have a tour of the new Heavenly Courts.

For one whole afternoon, the 20+ people behaved as if they had just been released from prison. Everything looked new to them. A few sorcerers even wanted to buy some whisks from the weapons shop to see if it could really enhance their sorcery.

In the end…

When it was time to pay, those men were stunned.

The gold coins used by all the nations were not accepted here. Instead, the shopkeeper took a out a pile of thin, thumb-sized jade pieces. He informed the Yan Luo Dian men that they only accepted these as currency.

The sorcerers from Yan Luo Dian were all dumbstruck. Where would they find such jade coins?

Carrying a bagful of gold coins but unable to buy anything.

When Ji Fengyan built her own kingdom, she had completely changed the currency used in the city. Able to turn rocks into gold effortlessly, gold coins were worthless to her. Instead, she valued those jade pieces that could harbor spiritual energy. As such, she had everyone in the city exchange their gold coins for jade ones. In addition, she had them try making use of the jade coins to circulate the spiritual energy cultivated in their bodies. She could use those jade coins both as a currency, and a cultivation tool.

Now, jade pieces were widely circulated within Heavenly Courts. Due to Ji Fengyan’s influence, the residents also no longer accepted gold pieces.

Yan Luo Dian’s sorcerers just wanted to buy one whisk to study it. But with no jade coins, they couldn’t buy anything. After haggling with the shopkeeper for a long while, they finally managed to exchange a few of their own jade pendants for one whisk. They completely failed to understand why this city so disdained gold coins.

It was then they noticed that the signboards put up by all the shops were made from pure gold. Realization dawned upon them…

Gold was as common as dust here.

The cheapest items were gold plates, not worth even a piece of metal. The Yan Luo Dian men were utterly stupefied. They started to suspect if they were dreaming.

Eventually, one of the Blood Tribe members told them there was somewhere they could exchange their gold coins for jade ones. It catered specially to residents who still had gold coins, which they had yet to spend. The exchange rate was one-to-one for residents, but ten-to-one for the Yan Luo Dian men.

The hearts of the Yan Luo Dian men ached at the thought of exchanging ten gold coins for just one measly jade piece.

But they had no choice if they still wanted to live in the city for the next few days. Ji Fengyan covered their lodgings and meals, but…

There were so many novelty items in this city, which they itched with the desire to get their hands on. As unbearable as it was, they had no choice but to exchange for a pile of jade coins.

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