Chapter 90 - A Mad Man’s Accusations (4)

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Chapter 90: A Mad Man’s Accusations (4)

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No one had thought that this ‘adulterer’ would suddenly appear at this moment to attest to Ji Fengyan’s bad conduct.

Everyone’s curiosity peaked. While the man begged and continued to lament over how Ji Fengyan had seduced him, he also revealed how he had intended to silence the other person.

“It also confused me for a moment and I only got close to her because of how pitiful she seemed. Who knew that she had purposely made me drunk on one occasion and after it happened, I could only accept it. Then, she used all sorts of ways to get money from me many times. I had already detested her for some time, and that day she clung to me again and I only did that because I had too many drinks… but I had never wanted to harm someone. I also stopped her before, but she insisted on killing him like something possessed her. After that incident, I then learned that she actually had an engagement with the City Lord’s young master and she intended to silence the person only because she was scared that she would be exposed…”

Both the evidence and ‘adulterer’ had already been presented. This time, it seemed to be beyond justification.

Instantly, Ji Fengyan became a promiscuous slut, and even one who did not mind sacrificing her own family for money… In the end, for the sake of keeping her secret, she had even intended to silence people.

Such viciousness really was frightening!

Lei Xu watched at all the events unfolding with satisfaction. He looked up once again at Ji Fengyan and said, “Ji Fengyan, what else do you have to say? Even though you and I have known each other for so long, but as Ji City’s City Lord, I also have to follow the law. According to Your Majesty’s decree, anyone who intended to harm others’ lives had to receive a corresponding punishment. This time, even Uncle Lei cannot help you.”

Lei Xu’s eyes flashed with viciousness. Then he said, “Come! Bring away criminal Ji Fengyan!”

“I shall see who dares to do it!” Linghe took a step forward and with his sword placed in front of him, he protected Ji Fengyan behind him. The other guards also held tightly to their weapons and protected Ji Fengyan in the centre.

“Defending a murderer is also a crime, capture them also,” Lei Xu said with a cold grin.

“Try it if you can!” Linghe did not back out at all. He secretly instructed Zuo Nuo to take out Ji Fengyan’s appointment decree and Zuo Nuo sneaked back into the residence in the midst of the chaos.

Outside the residence, swords and bows were drawn. The bowmen among Ji City’s soldiers already drew back their bows and their arrowheads were pointed at Ji Fengyan, Linghe and the rest.

“If you do not hand over her, we can only be brutal,” Lei Xu nonchalantly gave the final warning.

Liu Huo saw that the situation was undesirable and secretly took a step forward. He wanted to take action, but his hands were suddenly held by Ji Fengyan.

Liu Huo lifted his eyes to look at Ji Fengyan.

But Ji Fengyan only smiled at him and slightly shook her head.

Liu Huo’s eyes were filled with confusion.

Also at this instant, Lei Xu already had the intent to kill Linghe and his men. He immediately gave the command to release the arrows!

Only Ji Fengyan cannot die, but the rest can!

The sound of the arrows leaving the bows was heard!

Almost a hundred arrows cut through the air towards Linghe and his men.

“Yang Jian,” Ji Fengyan’s voice sounded at a moderate pace.

Yang Jian, who was standing motionless at the most forefront, instantly reacted after Ji Fengyan’s voice was heard. The three pointed, double-edged sword that he was holding onto spun at a shockingly fast speed, and a huge illusion appeared before Linghe and his men!

Cling cling clang clang—a crisp sound was heard.

The few hundred arrows were actually all blocked by the spinning illusion of the three pointed, double-edged sword!

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