Chapter 91 - I Shall Actualise Your Accusations! (1)

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Chapter 91: I Shall Actualise Your Accusations! (1)

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The arrows were all deflected by the three pointed, double-edged sword. They were either broken or destroyed, and all dropped to the ground with a crackling sound, but none of them landed behind Yang Jian.

When the arrows all fell to the ground, Yang Jian stopped.

A loud clang was heard!

The edge of the handle of three pointed, double-edged sword touched the ground. With his hand holding on to the three pointed, double-edged sword, Yang Jian looked like God of War who never loses as he stood before everyone.

This scene made everyone stunned. No one had imagined that it was possible to deflect almost a hundred arrows all shot simultaneously by the bowmen with only one person.

Lei Xu looked dumbstruck at the scene before him. He knew that Linghe and his men were quite skilful so he wanted to deal with them first. But he did not expect that it was completely stopped by this strange-looking man!

“Ji Fengyan! Don’t tell me you are intending to revolt?” Lei Xu shouted.

Ji Fengyan laughed softly. She lifted her hands to gently push away Linghe, who was standing in front of her, and walked at a moderate pace until she was beside Yang Jian. She slowly moved her small palms onto Yang Jian’s shoulder. She raised her brows slightly as she smiled faintly at Lei Xu, who had a twisted expression, and said, “Lei Xu, you have said your piece, now it’s my turn.”

Lei Xu frowned slightly. “The evidence is already here. What more do you have to say to defend yourself?”

“Defend?” Ji Fengyan suddenly covered her mouth to laugh. Her eyes that had curled into a smile started to become watery and her tears shone in the light.

“Sorry, I do not intend to refute, but I am just here to declare something.”

Lei Min was slightly dazed.

Ji Fengyan actually did not refute?

Was she really dumb, or knew that there was no chance of turning the tables, which is why she decided to give up?

With her eyes smiling, Ji Fengyan looked at the gem store owner who was kneeling in front of Lei Xu’s horse and had pitifully announced that he had an ‘affair’ with her. She lifted her hands and pointed over. “Even if I am looking for someone, my judgement is also not so bad. Such an ugly person, even I cannot bring myself to kiss.”

The gem store owner’s mouth twitched after he was being pointed by Ji Fengyan and complained to be ugly.

With a turn of her wrist, Ji Fengyan conveniently pointed to Liu Huo, who was standing behind, “Lei Xu you are really muddled. I have told you before that this is my lover that I had hidden from everyone. He is Liu Huo, and you guys better remember. He is a hundred times better than your useless son in every aspect. Unless I am blind, I would not be interested in Lei Min that idiot.”

“You!” Lei Xu was infuriated and had turned ashen from Ji Fengyan’s unconventional words.

Ji Fengyan’s eccentric behaviour also confused everyone.

“Also,” Ji Fengyan retracted her hand and looked at the middle-aged man who had accused of her to have the intent to kill him.

“None of the people that I wanted to kill would be able to escape.”

At the moment, Ji Fengyan said that a cold killing intent emerged from her eyes. A ray of light suddenly flew out of her finger and directly to that “witness”.

That glow ray was too fast, even Zhou Qi did not have any time to react. When everyone realised that Ji Fengyan wanted to harm that person, it was already…

Too late.

The glow ray already disappeared between that person’s brows. His face turned into a white sheet out of fear and he lifted his hand to touch that area. But he did not realise any unusual difference.

Lei Xu also saw that there was no abnormality on that person’s forehead before he prepared to continue creating trouble for Ji Fengyan.

However, that middle-aged man suddenly screamed out in pain.

A swarm of golden light rushed from inside that man’s body upwards. From the internal organs of the body, it started to spread and burn every cell in his body!

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