Chapter 92 - I Shall Actualise Your Accusations! (2)

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Chapter 92: I Shall Actualise Your Accusations! (2)

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The golden flames spread all over his body. It shocked everyone and luckily, Zhou Qi’s reaction was fast as he immediately asked his men to extinguish the fire.


No matter how many pails of water was splashed towards him, the flames on that person’s body did not diminish at all. Instead, it burned even more wildly.

The golden flames were like nightmares looming above everyone’s head. Everyone could only watch as that middle-aged man was gradually burnt, until he was left with his skin and organs. Only a pile of dull gold bones were scattered on the ground. That strange golden flames also disappeared with that middle-aged man’s death.

Everything was like it did not exist before.

Only that feeling of fear could not be wiped away or forgotten as the burnt bones were still emitting heat waves.

“Did you see clearly?” Ji Fengyan’s voice was suddenly transmitted to everyone’s ears. A very gentle tone, yet it was like thunder, as it woke everyone from their fright.

No one knew what Ji Fengyan had done. Neither did they know the source of that unextinguishable golden flames.

Lei Xu looked stiffly at that pile of burnt bones. The ‘smell of meat’ from the burned skin and flesh did not disperse even after a long time and continued to waft in his nose, making his stomach churn uncomfortably.

The gem store owner was the closest to the bones where he was kneeling at. When the golden flames started to burn, he was already scared out of his wits. His legs gave way and he fell to the ground as his entire body trembled like a frightened quail.

“Uargh,” the gem store owner vomited after smelling that weird smell. Dirty contents splattered everywhere from his nose and mouth and emitted a sour and stinky stench.

“You say that I have relations with you?” Ji Fengyan smiling eyes landed on that gem store owner.

The store owner’s body stiffened and he suddenly lifted his head and met Ji Fengyan’s deadly eyes. His blood was like frozen at this instant. He did not bother to wipe away the vomit contents on his clothes and could only shake his head helplessly. His legs stepped on the ground weakly as he only wanted to distance away from this madwoman.

“You really look… too irksome. You are not even qualified to help my Liu Huo carry his shoes. Your life is really a waste.” Ji Fengyan lifted her hand casually. That golden ray that made people hopeless flew out once again from her finger and entered the store owner’s glabella with a whoosh.

A warm sensation started to spread at the store owner’s glabella. What he had witnessed before already made him lose his soul. Suddenly, he gave out a loud cry. With his hand covering his forehead, he crawled towards Ji Fengyan and knelt. As he kowtowed repeatedly, he said, “Miss Ji, I have made a mistake! I should not have framed you… I beg you… please let me off… ah ah ah!”

His blood-curdling scream interjected the store owner’s plea.

The golden flames once again appeared before everyone’s eyes. Everyone could only watch flabbergasted as that golden flames wrapped the gem store owner. Then, the flames burnt through his eyes, ears, nose and mouth and burnt his clothes to ashes, leaving his skin red.

A miserable shriek pierced through everyone’s ears. These consecutive strange images frightened even the ruthless Lei Xu. He could only stare as the gem store owner struggled futilely in the golden flames and the fear and hideous expression on that burnt face.

“Lei… City Lord Lei… Save… me…” the gem store owner lifted the elbow that was only left with bones from the fire and hopelessly reached out to Lei Xu.

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