Chapter 923 - What You Have, I Have It Too (1)

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Chapter 923: What You Have, I Have It Too (1)

A giant creature suddenly appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Several meters tall, it cast a massive shadow upon the earth. Everything looked tiny before it.

At this moment, the crowd gasped. That “giant” before them looked very familiar. Scattered across the Free Valley, those protectors who have been in slumber for thousands of years…

Giant soldier god!

“Giant… giant soldier god?!” Meng Fusheng widened his eyes in disbelief. He never dreamed that a giant soldier god would actually appear on the battlefield.

Meng Fusheng immediately thought that he must be the “runaway” giant soldier god from Fu Guang City. But quickly, he realized that the giant soldier god before him was a different one.

The giant soldier gods were similar, with minute differences in the small details. Meng Fusheng had stayed at Fu Guang City for so many years and the giant soldier god which Ji Fengyan had brought to life was located right beside the Blood Tribe headquarters. As a result, he was very familiar with what that giant soldier god looked like. This massive figure before him was obviously not the same one.

The appearance of that giant soldier god brought a major shock to everyone present. The entire congregation had raised their heads and were looking at that tremendous figure in a daze.

The giant soldier god was a symbol in the Free Valley, signifying that mysterious tribe who vanished. But in all these years, apart from that one incident early on when a certain nation had tried to resurrect one, there had been no news of any giant soldier god being brought to life.

That giant soldier god moved behind the Zhai Xing Lou men with heavy, powerful steps. Whereas they had been utterly terrified earlier, the Zhai Xing Lou men suddenly discovered that the chest of that giant soldier god bore the hexagon emblem.

That was Zhai Xing Lou’s insignia!

In an instant, everyone from Zhai Xing Lou understood the origins of that giant soldier god. At that moment, all the despair and anxiety on their faces disappeared.

This giant soldier god belonged to Zhai Xing Lou!


Victory was theirs for this battle!

Wild relief surged through the hearts of the Zhai Xing Lou men. The participation of the giant soldier god was a godsend.

As powerful as one could be, all would appear weak before a giant soldier god.

With this giant soldier god, they wanted to see who still dared to go against them!

The spirits of the Zhai Xing Lou men surged!

“No one is allowed to step over Zhai Xing Lou’s authority.” Gong Zhiyu’s voice drifted out from the horse carriage. His bland voice held a tinge of warning.

Everything was clear at this point.

This giant soldier god belonged to Zhai Xing Lou and would fight for Zhai Xing Lou.

Having just relaxed, Duanmu Hongru once again stiffened in anxiety. He never realized that Zhai Xing Lou was actually so powerful—to be able to resurrect a giant soldier god. This time, they lost all hope. There was no army large enough to counter a giant soldier god.

“It appears that your earlier reports were correct. Zhai Xing Lou had a hidden hand.” Ji Fengyan gazed at that majestic giant soldier god without much expression. She just turned and looked at the ashen-faced Duanmu Hongru.

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