Chapter 924 - What You Have, I Have It Too

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Chapter 924: What You Have, I Have It Too (2)

Duanmu Hongru’s face looked exceedingly grim. He said with a bitter laugh, “He has really hidden this hand very well. In the Free Valley, whoever holds the giant soldier god holds everything. City Lord Ji, I am afraid Yan Luo Dian has dragged you down with us this time.”

The Yan Luo Dian men experienced true despair the moment they witnessed that giant soldier god. Ji Fengyan’s earlier display of lightning-based sorcery was astounding, but this giant soldier god was the bane of all sorcery. It was invulnerable to all types of sorcery. Only a god-level sorcerer could have any hopes of causing some damage to a giant soldier god.

The embers of hope had just started burning again, before being so cruelly snuffed out.

While they still held some fighting determination in their earlier battle with Zhai Xing Lou, at this moment, an all-encompassing despair had crushed them completely to the brink of collapse.

Nothing else could have brought such a deep sense of hopelessness.

In just an instant, the spirits of Yan Luo Dian was totally destroyed. Despondency and pain were written across the faces of everyone.

The Zhai Xing Lou men were laughing gleefully. They stood cockily beside the feet of the giant soldier god, sneering at the defeated figures of Yan Luo Dian.

“What Yan Luo Dian, what Heavenly Courts. All a bunch of dog’s shit. Come at us again if you dare?”

The Zhai Xing Lou men threw out all sorts of insults. With the giant soldier god to back them up, what else need they be afraid of?

But then…

There were a bunch of people who were only mildly shocked by the appearance of that giant soldier god.

“Doesn’t look as big as the one we have.”

“Mm, my friend, your observation skills are good. I agree.”

“Naturally, who do you think you are talking to?”

The Heavenly soldiers were suddenly pointing and whispering at that majestic-looking giant soldier god. Their faces held not the slightest trace of fear, but looked calm. It was as if they had just seen a normal statue.

In fact…

They actually looked slightly derisive…

As the Yan Luo Dian men took in their reactions, their already despondent faces completely collapsed as they watched those blissfully ignorant Heavenly soldiers.

Had this bunch gone mad with fear?

Carrying out a discussion about the giant soldier god at this point in time?

Are they really that tired of living?

The Heavenly soldiers didn’t notice the reactions of the Yan Luo Dian. They just continued to scrutinize that giant soldier god.

“It is also smaller than the second one.”

“The second one is quite brawny. It’s probably the biggest one we have?”

Hearing their discussion, the Yan Luo Dian men guessed that they were talking about the giant soldier gods in Heavenly Courts. But…

It didn’t matter how much better those in your city were. Theirs could move!

Yan Luo Dian also had many giant soldier gods. But what’s their use if none of them could move!

Already on the brink of collapse, the Yan Luo Dian men didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the behavior of the Heavenly Courts gang.

Zhai Xing Lou couldn’t hear the discussion among the Heavenly soldiers, and just took them to be scared silly by their giant soldier god.

“Second young master, it’s time to annihilate them all.” A man in black hurried to the side of the horse carriage. He had already guessed that the appearance of that giant soldier god was linked to the second young master.

Just as he arrived beside the horse carriage, he saw the trail of blood leaking out from it and dripping onto the dirt beneath the carriage.

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