Chapter 925 - What You Have, I Have It Too

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Chapter 925: What You Have, I Have It Too (3)

The man in black was taken aback but dared not reveal his shock.

Inside the carriage, Gong Zhiyu’s face was extremely pale. Blood flowed continuously from his wrist as he sat calmly inside. He intoned, “Got it.”

Following Gong Zhiyu’s reply, the giant soldier god suddenly marched forward. The earth shook with its every step!

The movement of the giant soldier god intensified the murderous aura of Zhai Xing Lou, while causing the faces of the Yan Luo Dian men to turn even paler.


Ji Fengyan urged Bai Ze forward.

“City Lord Ji, be careful! The giant soldier god is immune to all types of sorcery.” Duanmu Hongru couldn’t help being worried for Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan turned around and chuckled at the distressed Duanmu Hongru. “Don’t worry, I won’t attack it with sorcery.”

Duanmu Hongru was momentarily stunned, but then broke out in a bitter smile. Even weapons would not cause much damage to such a huge giant soldier god.

Nevertheless, Ji Fengyan had already turned back and looked up at that ancient giant soldier god. She could not detect the slightest bit of spiritual energy or sorcery from this soldier. Instead, she felt a very strange force, which appeared to have replaced its power source, providing the giant soldier god with an endless energy and bringing it to life.

The aura radiated by that giant soldier god somewhat discomfited Ji Fengyan. It was an aura that reeked of a twisted darkness, automatically triggering her revulsion.

The giant soldier god had already walked before Ji Fengyan. Its towering figure was like an impenetrable mountain. Bai Ze and Ji Fengyan looked like ants before it.

Gong Zhiyu frowned at the sight. His bloodstained hands quivered and his fingers stiffened as if he wanted to clench them together. But he gave up and lowered his head, no longer watching the face-off between the giant soldier god and Ji Fengyan.

“Do it…” Gong Zhiyu’s raspy voice reverberated.

Following Gong Zhiyu’s order, the giant soldier god immediately raised its coarse, thick hand high above the air. Clenching its hand into a fist, it suddenly swung it in Ji Fengyan’s direction!

“City Lord Ji, look out!!” Duanmu Hongru’s heart had leaped to his throat as he hollered anxiously.

But then…

Even as the giant soldier god swung his fist, Ji Fengyan remained unmoving upon Bai Ze. Her delicate little face held traces of amusement.

A massive black figure suddenly dashed from behind the battlefield. Within seconds, it directly knocked against that attacking giant soldier god. A huge palm appeared and steadfastly held onto that giant soldier god’s fist.

The enormous creature which had appeared behind Ji Fengyan was like a deity of protection, offering an all-encompassing defense against all harm. It was a mighty and powerful giant soldier god. It stood steadily behind Ji Fengyan, having deflected the fatal blow dealt by Zhai Xing Lou’s giant soldier god!

Ji Fengyan’s smile deepened. She tilted her head leisurely and looked at the bunch of dumbstruck Zhai Xing Lou men. An amused voice rang out.

“Giant soldier god? You have one, but I am afraid I have one too.”

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